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1710, 21 Sep 20

DNR Asks to Borrow More Money to Buy More Land

No. We do not need the taxpayers incurring even more debt just to shrink the property tax base and pay even higher tax rates. The state owns enough land. If they want to buy more, they can sell land they already own.

MADISON, WIS. (AP) — Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources officials are asking Gov. Tony Evers to renew the agency’s contentious land stewardship program for another decade and substantially increase its borrowing authority.

The DNR uses stewardship funding to purchase land for the state and help conservation organizations purchase land. Republicans have criticized the program for running up too much debt and taking too much property off tax rolls. Debt payments stood at nearly $83 million last year. Still, GOP legislators agreed to extend the program through mid-2022 and authorized it to borrow up to $33 million annually.


1710, 21 September 2020


  1. Le Roi du Nord

    There is a lot more to the Stewardship program than buying land for the DNR. Ask a local or county park manager.

  2. Jason

    Thanks Leroy… did Owen say differently? I missed it and since I’m always trying to improve myself. I must have missed something… I mean why else would you have taken the time to write that response.

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