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1752, 25 Aug 20

Despite Act 10, Government Schools Continue to Provide Highly-Subsidized Benefits

From MacIver. How many of these folks continue to get these magnificent bennies while refusing to go to school and teach.

Out of 421 public school districts, taxpayers in 26 districts (6.2%) pay the entirety of employee monthly health insurance premiums for single plans. For family plans, 24 districts (5.7%) pay all of the monthly premiums.

The average monthly premium for a single plan is $740.25, and the average monthly employee contribution is $81.84. School districts pick up the remaining $658.41 monthly, which means taxpayers spend $7,901 on the average school employee health insurance single plan every year. The total value of single plan premiums is $8,883 annually.


1752, 25 August 2020


  1. Kevin Scheunemann


  2. Mar

    I’m not totally dismayed by this.
    Perhaps, employees are being paid less in exchange for more health care benefits.
    Or more likely,school districts are using this to retain and recruit higher quality teachers, which is also not a bad idea.

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