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0952, 05 Aug 20

DQ Returning to West Bend

Excellent! Congrats and thank you to Kevin for investing in West Bend. From the Washington County Insider.

August 5, 2020 – West Bend, WI – Neighbors in West Bend will soon be welcoming back a Dairy Queen franchise as Kevin Scheunemann confirmed the purchase this week of the former Mutual Mall, 1043 S. Main Street, in West Bend.
“Yes.  The property became available after we talked on July 9,” said Scheunemann.
On  July 9, 2020, confirmed Scheunemann, owner of the DQ’s in Kewaskum and Jackson, was actively looking to open a DQ in West Bend.
Scheunemann said, “I signed the paperwork yesterday to authorize the American Dairy Queen engineer to evaluate the property and begin putting together the concept plan layout for approval by the City of West Bend.
“I will have a timelime update once we receive concept plan approval from the City.
“I will confirm the existing building on the site is going to be entirely demolished once City has approved the new concept plan.”
“We are excited, as a locally-owned family business, and as the local franchisee of the DQ brand, to be working with the City of West Bend to re-vitalize this property next to City Hall.   I am especially excited we were able to take this very important first step toward bringing, and restoring, the DQ brand back to West Bend.   West Bend has had a long tradition of DQ in the community, and we will be bringing that iconic tradition back with a new, exciting, prototype G&C “3.0 style” building.”

0952, 05 August 2020


  1. Merlin

    Good on you, Kevin!

  2. Mar

    Congratulations Kevin.

  3. Randall Flagg


    I do sincerely hope this is a successful venture for you.


  4. jsr

    UniMatrix Zero, LLC

    You will be assimilated.

    Good for you Kevin!

  5. Kevin Scheunemann

    Picked up on Star Trek reference. Very impressive.

    Got 3 other companies registered. My banker picked up on Trek references on all those as well. That is why he is “cool”…in our Trek nerd sort of way.

  6. jjf

    Aw, back then, Spielberg’s FX house even sent the Voyager model to me for 3D repairs.  You’re welcome. 

  7. Mar

    Really, jjf, why? You don’t even know how to use a basic database?

  8. jjf

    Mar, you should add a little accusation of racism or lying, don’t you think, you know, just to be civil and smart?

  9. Mar

    AWW, geez, jjf seems hurt.
    Payback is a b.tch.

  10. jjf

    I’m hurt?  Isn’t that what you desire, Mar?  Hurt me again, big daddy!

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