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1814, 28 Jul 20

Slinger Schools to Open

From the Washington County Insider. This isn’t exactly how I would have done it, but it strikes me as a reasonable compromise that achieves the goal of educating as many kids as possible.

Superintendent Daren Sievers made a brief statement (43:00 mark) prior to reading the administrative recommendation. “We are trying to find the right stance to make school safe as possible and have school remain open,” Sievers said. “Using the words require means the district would need to specify consequences and articulate all the exceptions. The Washington Ozaukee Health Department uses the word recommend.”

Superintendent took all the feedback and presented a draft proposal – advocating for masks whenever possible. Below is the exact wording. The recommendation passed unanimously.
“To provide the safest educational setting possible and stay open five days per week as long as possible, the Slinger School District is requesting that students wear face coverings whenever social distance cannot be maintained.  To account for individual needs and personal circumstances of all kinds, we will be asking families to opt their student “in” to the District face covering request or opt their student “out” of the District face covering request through our fall registration process.  Staff will be required to wear masks whenever social distance cannot be maintained but out of respect for their personal health circumstances, they may not get closer than six feet to students who are not wearing face coverings.  Face coverings will be made available for situational use by the District for all students at all times.”

1814, 28 July 2020


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