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2249, 12 Jul 20

BLM Astroturf in Wisconsin

All credit goes to commenter Mark for this one…

I wrote a post a couple of days ago about attending a BLM protest in Port Washington. In that post, I shared my observation that “most of the BLM organizers were young, white, and female.” It certainly didn’t seem like a local expression of outrage.

Mark pointed out in the comments that this was a group that had organized and the Washington County Daily News had a story on them. Here is that story:

WAUKESHA — A protest group called “Break the Silence in the Burbs” has scheduled protests into October in support of the Black Lives Matter movement throughout Washington County and southeastern Wisconsin. Organizer Brittany Vulich is inviting anyone that is interested in participating to request joining the group on Facebook, where more details on each of the protests will be posted and updated, including protest routes.

A request to join the Facebook group requires filling out answers to three questions.

The group has already organized three protests — in Grafton, Mequon, and, last Friday, in Menomonee Falls.


Upcoming protests include: Port Washington, July 10; Brookfield, July 17; Cedarburg, July 24; West Bend, July 31; Sheboygan, Aug. 7; Waukesha, Aug. 14; Lake Geneva, Aug. 21; Germantown, Aug. 28; New Berlin, Sept. 4; Fond du Lac, Sept. 11; Muskego, Sept. 18; Slinger/Hartford, Sept. 25; Wauwatosa, Oct. 2; Franklin, Oct. 9; Sussex, Oct. 16; Racine, Oct. 23; Fox Point, Oct. 30.

So it is clear that these protests in the burbs are being organized by this group. They are not organic to those communities. But who is organizing and why? Mark dug deeper regarding Ms. Vulich

According to her LinkedIn, she is a “field organizer” for “Organizing Together 2020”.  Also current experience as field organizer for “Emily Siegrest for Wisconsin State Assembly.”  Finance Director for “Jill for Justice for Wisconsin Supreme Court”. On the Board of “Environmental Caucus of Wisconsin Democrat Party”.

“Organizing for America 2020” booted up in January of this year.  Long before this BLM movement picked up the current momentum.

Looking at the video from the day, it looks like she is one of the two white girls leading the protest. It’s hard to tell with the mask. In any case, the whistle and bull horn are the tools of professional organizers.

So this particular BLM protest didn’t really have anything to do with black lives. It had everything to do with a well-funded effort by the Democrats to organize for the November election. Like usual, the Democrats are taking advantage of racial outrage to gain power for themselves. It’s an old playbook, but an effective one.


2249, 12 July 2020


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Nothing says


    Like a couple of spoiled white chicks stirring dissention in peaceful communities.

    Yes I said “chicks”.

  2. Mike

    Note to our elected officials: You better ask your constituents what they want before kowtowing to these “protesters”. DEFEND the police is what the silent majority wants. We are not out there tearing things up. We are not out there shouting at you to do things our way or else. We do, however, vote. We also keep things peaceful by consenting to let you run our villages, towns, and cities. When that street graffiti in Milwaukee was changed to Defend the police that was just as legitimate expression of the people’s will as the original.

  3. dad29

    It’s an old playbook, but an effective one.

    We’ll see about “effective.”  Am seeing more reports of serious (although not-voiced) backlash on the race-mongering and riots.  “Not-voiced” b/c there are plenty of risks to speaking out–so far.

  4. jjf

    Well, actually…  her LinkedIn says she was a field organizer for Organizing Together 2020 in May and June.

    So we’re opposed to “outside organizers” who aren’t local and organic and who are paid?  Do tell!  Go on!

  5. Jason

    Johnny, are you donating for her Emerge training?     We’re opposed – surely you are too – to organizers who suborn a message for their own gain, while lying about their intents of said actions and messages.



  6. Mark Hoefert

    @ John Foust: LinkedIn says she was a field organizer for Organizing Together 2020 in May and June.

    “Was, is, will be, may be, could be…”.  Basically these people go from one gig to the next. What they bring to the table is connections, networks, and coalition building. And they float in and out of campaigns on an as-needed basis. And note that she currently is a Field Organizer for Emily Siegrist for State Assembly.

    After Obama was elected, I met one of his “Organizing for America” community organizers. Young local guy who took a break from attending college in Madison.  In spring he was hired as a “community organizer” to engage with the community to find volunteers to promote a referendum in the West Bend School District.  Not sure who hired him, but when I met him his office space/phone bank was at the Cedar Lake Educators Association.

    When Obamacare was implemented, a whole bunch of former OFA community organizers were hired as “navigators” to hit the streets to help people apply for it (and register to vote).  Just speculation, but I assume some of them picked up gigs during Obama’s reelection campaign.

    What motivated me to look into this was your statement: Dad29 trots out the “professionals” conspiracy theory with only his “gut” as evidence.

    So, instead of parsing words, let’s get back to discussing how you were absolutely wrong, wrong, wrong.

  7. Merlin

    Take a few minutes to ramble around and look at their alumnae already in elected office. Then take a look at their lineup of fall 2020 candidates. Multiply their effort over 26 states and you have an organization well worth paying attention to.

  8. jjf

    Yes, I wanted Dad29 to show evidence.  Let’s ask him if he did the dossier-building that you did, or if as I said, he was just suspicious at that point.

    Indeed, it seems like the leader of the event has a history of organizing.  I didn’t bother to look.  That makes me that kind of wrong.  I guess I’m too accustomed to Dad29 spinning his conspiracy theories, like saying that the Chinese are involved.  Oh, no, that’s on her LinkedIn, too!  CHICOM!!!!!

    Again I ask – so we’re supposed to be enraged and dismissive when outside organizers are involved?  When they’re not local and organic?

    Is this only for Dah Libruls or can we build dossiers and resumes and a family tree for Americans for Prosperity WI, too?

  9. Jason

    Well, how parsimonious  of you to admit you were wrong, wrong, wrong, yet again.

  10. Mar

    “Again I ask – so we’re supposed to be enraged and dismissive when outside organizers are involved?  When they’re not local and organic?”
    Enraged, no, but we also don’t need to treat them with respect either.
    Like many liberals, they lied. They pretend they are this innocent group of people who just decided to do a protest, which is not true.
    And it does help to have an innocent looking young white girl organizing it as opposed to some old hippie.

  11. dad29

    This Friday’s show in Brookfield should be fun, especially for open-carry folks.

  12. jjf

    Fun?  Intimidating peaceful protesters with your guns is “fun”?

    What cool stuff will you wear while holding your gun?

    Is that a multi-tool in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?

  13. Jason

    How do you know that the peaceful protestors will be intimidated? Gut feeling? Or have you done your due diligence and filed all the intimidation forms? Can one of us call for an open records request of them?

    On one side your neck beard you’re taking dad to task for what you accuse of guessing, and on the other side you do this. Disappointing foust… very disappointing.

  14. dad29

    That’s his best output, Jason.

  15. jjf

    Go on, Dad29, tell us what “fun” means.

  16. Jason

    Why Johnny, do you really think your fun and his fun intersect? You spend you incel time begging for attention. He likely does not.

  17. Owen

    I watched Frank Nitti’s group stage a small march in a suburb where they honk their horns and such. They were noisy, but peaceful. They also had at least two people wearing tactical gear and carrying multiple firearms. I have the video if you’d like to see. They walked withing 10 yards of me. Were they trying to intimidate people? Is it OK for them to carry a weapon and not other protesters?

    For the record, I’m fine with all of it. Peaceful protests. Armed citizens. All good stuff. The 2nd Amendment underpins our system of representative government.

  18. jjf

    I really don’t care who’s doing it.  It’s just intended as intimidation.  That’s the point, right?  It’s not about civility and discourse.  It’s about the threat of using the gun.

    So tell me what Dad29 might’ve meant by “fun” – if he won’t.  Why is it “fun”?

  19. Merlin

    Mr. Sensabaugh believes he’s been targeted for assassination and needs that armed security.

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