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0811, 25 Jun 20

Businesses in Downtown Madison Struggle

Not that I go there very often anyway, but I doubt I’ll be sitting at a sidewalk cafe in downtown Madison for a very long time. I expect I’m not the only one. These businesses are going to struggle for a long time thanks to the deliberate inaction of their mayor and police department.

But several business owners and the head of a Downtown business organization said the disturbance at Coopers Tavern was not an isolated incident. They said Johnson and others entered multiple businesses on State Street on Monday and Tuesday, played loud music, called business owners racists, threatened to burn buildings, demanded free food and drinks and knocked over patio chairs and tables.


A number of business owners who spoke to a reporter were unwilling to be named or have their businesses identified for fear they or their businesses would face retribution from protesters. They said the government needs to do more to ensure State Street is safe and protect their businesses, including calling in the National Guard if needed.


0811, 25 June 2020


  1. Mar

    Madison prides itself saying it is a tolerant city but in reality, it is a very intolerant city, a violent city and a city that is a very hateful city.
    And it has been that way for years, even when I lived there 30 years ago.
    And it is just getting worse.

  2. Merlin

    Liberal tribes at odds with each other. Go figure.

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