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0805, 19 Jun 20

Milwaukee Schools Kick Out Police

Lovely. Because THAT’s why MPS fails to educate so many kids.

The Milwaukee Board of School Directors voted unanimously to terminate its contract with the Milwaukee Police Department Thursday evening.

More than two dozen members of the public called in to express their support for the resolution, and board members received nearly 800 written messages about the planned vote.

We have enough research to know that a majority of our students, our students of color, are not treated with respect by the system,” said board member Paula Phillips, who co-introduced the resolution. “While we can try to make this work, it hasn’t been working.”

Director Sequanna Taylor, the other board member who drafted the resolution, agreed.

“If we’re going to address and have our students ready for success, then we need to have them in an environment that is successful,” she said.

This assumes that MPS is a successful environment irrespective of the police presence.


0805, 19 June 2020


  1. Merlin

    This is just bureaucratic posturing. They don’t have a PD presence in their schools now unless local administration finds reason to request PD presence.

    Ms. Phillips and Ms. Taylor lead “the system” they blame for failing students of color… as if only students of color are suffering from the exceptionally poor educational outcomes offered by MPS. More bureaucratic misdirection doesn’t help the kids saddled with MPS one bit.

  2. MjM

    Director Megan O’Halloran called the resolution “long overdue,” a sentiment echoed by many of the other board members. She brought up the death of an MPS student, Alvin Cole, earlier this year at the hands of police as an incident that should have driven the board to act sooner.

    Which had nothing to do with MPS.

    Cole was shot as he fired at police during a foot chase, after he participated in and ran from a brawl at Mayfair Mall in Wauwatosa.  Found in his possession was an S&W MP M20 9mm semi-auto and an 32-round extended clip.

    (How, exactly, does an “innocent” 17-year old obtain a $500 handgun?)

    Prediction:  MPS will see an explosion gang fights/crime, property damage,  theft,  and teacher assaults if/when “school” resumes in fall.

    No amount of bureaucratic counselors will stop it.  Only the first murder will, after MPS begs for the cops to return.


  3. jjf

    (How, exactly, does an “innocent” 17-year old obtain a $500 handgun?)

    Wait’ll you find out how much a decent Nintendo Switch system costs, with the accessories and the games.

    Why, that’s a year of spending $10 a week at that Scottish restaurant.

    How?  Maybe an adult bought it and loaned it to him.  What, you don’t want people to protect themselves?

    When that high school kid in Kewaskum is found with a hunting rifle in their car in the school parking lot, do you ask if they are innocent?

  4. Merlin

    The long game here is MPS seizing on current events as an opportunity to reallocate budgeted spending directed to MPD, reportedly worth $500,000. That half million will evaporate into the ether with no benefit to students whatsoever. When the inevitable rise in violence occurs MPS will demand emergency funds from the state to ensure the safety of their facilities, staff, and children. The Sith in Madison will, of course, oblige. Game, set, match.

  5. Mar

    In reality, a school based police officer really doesn’t a lot of protection to school employees.most of the security is up to security aides. Most schools have only 1 officer.
    I taught both at Vincent and North Division and was assaulted at both places, along with other staff and students.
    In Las Vegas, the schools have their own police department. Fights still happened. Assaults still happened. Riots still happened. The only difference was that the cops got there faster than if they had to get a police officer off the street.
    The school police officers also developed relationships with students and some times it helped crack cases in the community.

  6. dad29

    Yah, the kid needed a 9mm with a 32 round mag to go shopping for shoes at Mayfair, a place known for multiple random white-supremacist attacks on young black kids.

  7. Mar

    Dad, I went to Mayfair when they still had an arcade and no tall buildings on the corners.
    I never left home without my gun. You mean you didn’t?

  8. Mike

    jjf: “When that high school kid in Kewaskum is found with a hunting rifle in their car in the school parking lot, do you ask if they are innocent?”

    No, because that student is committing no crime.


    (2) Possession of firearm in school zone.
    (a) Any individual who knowingly possesses a firearm at a place that the individual knows, or has reasonable cause to believe, is in or on the grounds of a school is guilty of a Class I felony. Any individual who knowingly possesses a firearm at a place that the individual knows, or has reasonable cause to believe, is within 1,000 feet of the grounds of a school is subject to a Class B forfeiture.
    (b) Paragraph (a) does not apply to the possession of a firearm by any of the following:
    3. A person possessing a gun that is not loaded and is any of the following:
    a. Encased.
    b. In a locked firearms rack that is on a motor vehicle.

  9. Jason

    >No, because that student is committing no crime.

    That doesn’t matter to Scared Foust, he works hard to keep guns away from everyone and Christians away from public schools. He’s proud of both.

  10. Mar

    Dont forget Jason, he works very hard at keeping little Black and Brown kids from private schools, so they can get a better education.

  11. Kevin Scheunemann


    You are dishonest and despicable.

  12. jjf

    Keep looking, Mike, keep thinking.  If I was referring to the illegal ways a kid could be doing that, what would they be?

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