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0718, 16 Apr 20

Business Owner Is Losing Business to Evers’ Lockdown Order

NSFW… if you still have work and work at an actual workplace.


0718, 16 April 2020


  1. jjf

    We need a name for this pretended ignorance combined with exaggerated outrage seeking social media virality.

    I’m a digital marketer, I’ve got a martial arts studio…  but I can’t figure out what they might mean by the virus spreading?

    Wanna show me how smart you are?  Tell me what measures you think would help stop the spread of the virus.

    He would’ve been OK with a shutdown for just two weeks?  No one suggested that as a solution.

    And at the end…  he wants to solve it with guns and a civil war.  Wow.  The brightest of Beaver Dam.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann


    Your compassion is overwhelming….not.

  3. Jason

    >We need a name for this pretended ignorance combined with exaggerated outrage seeking social media virality.


    Simple… it started with the Liberals and Bush Derangement Syndrome.  Ironic that suddenly you don’t like it Johnny.

  4. jjf

    Kevin, one minute so many want to ridicule others because they say they have too much empathy and compassion, the next you’re saying I don’t have enough.

    I have plenty of empathy for what he’s going through.  My business has certainly taken a hit, but I’ll do OK.  I’ve always had a variety of work, and that’s how I’ve survived other changes in the business climate.

    I have empathy for his situation, but I don’t understand his pretended inability to understand, say, a business that tries to help by putting ‘X’ every six feet on the ground.

    It’s exactly the kind of thing that Owen’s invisible hand of business is supposed to do, right?  A business tries to help customers stay safe…  and this dude pretends he can’t understand, and he riffs for the camera and tries to invent some outrage and his smart response is “they must think the virus can’t move sideways.”  Over and over, for ten straight minutes.

    And to jump right to guns and civil war…  wow.  Just gives you the warm fuzzies about gun owners, doesn’t it?  Who’s he going to shoot?

    Of course, we could also get more sarcastic and start to use all the helpful suggestions that are tossed at poor folk in better times.  Golly, you should try to save some money, and rely on your nest egg in times like these.   Maybe you can borrow some money from your family.  Maybe you can sell your boat and not go fishing.  Maybe you can sell a gun or two and some ammo instead of threatening to shoot someone.  Maybe you can print out some resumes and apply for jobs.  Go door to door, make some phone calls.  Be sure to use a nice firm handshake, I think the bosses like that!  Or mow lawns, summer is coming!

    And Jason…  I think you’re on to something.  Let’s combine this dude’s inability to understand seemingly conflicting and contradictory statements with, hmm, the utterances of the Orange One.  I did it, I didn’t do it.  He’s the best, I don’t know the guy.  I have ultimate authority, I don’t take any responsibility.  Golly, that would be hard to pin it all down, wouldn’t it?

  5. Le Roi du Nord


    Great analysis, but you forgot to mention that the guy is PO’d because they don’t have donuts. What an empathetic guy.



  6. jjf

    Le Roi, I know, I know.  I was half-expecting him to say, “I’m a white guy, isn’t the system supposed to be working for me?”

    Maybe he should stop buying a Red Bull every morning and save that money for a rainy day.

  7. Pat

    I was just on Indeed Jobs and there are jobs out there.

  8. Pat

    Pick-N-Save is hiring. $8.70 – $13.00.

  9. Jason

    >I was just on Indeed Jobs and there are jobs out there.


    Are there 22 million of them?

  10. jjf

    That’s good money, Pat!  He should apply there.  And Foxconn, too!  He could sell his house and move his family closer to where the jobs are.

  11. Pat

    One job at a time. Instead of driving around complaining he could pull himself up by the bootstraps a take a job that’s available.

  12. Pat

    Oh, and there’s a list of close to 3000 jobs posted for this area.

  13. jjf

    Jason, apparently there used to be 22 million jobs.  All this fellow needs is one job, right?  He should find some grit and gumption instead of driving around making videos.

  14. Jason

    So that’s a no from you both?  There aren’t 22 million jobs out there?  Hmmm, that’s really odd.

  15. jjf

    Jason, where’s your magic wand?  You should use it.  If you can’t find 22 million jobs right now, all your ideas must be failures, right?

  16. Mar

    The liberals here clearly want the destruction of the economy and more deaths, just too President Trump not being elected.
    jjf has said the economy needs to shut down until there is a vaccine available, which will take a year or more, if ever.
    They want more deaths because they only want FDA formal approval to use medication to fight the drug. Since no medication has been formally approved, that would equal more deaths.
    They also have no sympathy for those actually do stay at home. They don’t care about domestic violence, lack of physical and mental activities, they don’t care about the people who live paycheck to paycheck.
    They only care about is Trump not being reelected.

  17. Pat

    22 million jobs will be coming bigly. The economy is going to be bigger and better, like nobody’s ever seen, by the end of the year. There’s light seen at the end of the tunnel.

  18. jjf

    Mar, Mar, Mar.  It’s like you’re intentionally trying to mislead.  What did I mean by “rolling lockdowns to avoid overflowing hospitals”?

    It’s charming to see you be concerned about other ills in society.

    I predict Trump won’t be re-elected and this will be part of it.

  19. Jason

    >Jason, where’s your magic wand?  You should use it.  If you can’t find 22 million jobs right now, all your ideas must be failures, right?

    So, not just a “no” but a “hell no”.  Good to know.

  20. dad29

    The circle-jerk troll of Jiffy, LeeeeeeeeeeeeeRoy, and Patsy is at full speed.

  21. jjf

    Look on the bright side, Dad29.  What with the church coffee klatsch cancelled because of the virus, this blog gives you something to do all day!

    Are you helping the guy in the video plan the rebellion?  Wiping down all your armaments and filling the clips, getting them ready for the Battle of the Red Bull and Doughnuts at the West-Side Kwik Trip?

  22. Pat

    That’s Ms. Patsy to you, Dud. :)

  23. Pat

    President Snifflesgrabinpus just said that the country’s going to be opening soon and all the businesses are going to be back better than ever. That’s great news, and comforting words, for everyone who was worried.

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