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2121, 13 Apr 20

Finally, A COVID Dashboard for Wisconsin

Finally, a decent view of real data

The COVID-19 Situational Awareness Update was developed by the Wisconsin Hospital Association Information Center (WHAIC) in collaboration with the Department of Health Services (DHS). This dashboard is dynamic and we expect to make additional enhancements to it over the coming days/weeks.

Data Sources:Covid-19 cases and deaths data comes from DHS.  All other data comes from EMResource.​​

A couple of things jump out at me in looking through the data:

  • All of the numbers are declining. Covid patients in ICU, admitted patients, and new diagnoses per day are all down. At what point will we start to get back to work? Is there a threshold we need to pass? What is it? According to Evers today, he doesn’t have any idea when we might begin to lift his dictatorial rule.
  • We have plenty of hospital beds. It’s worth noting that many of those are going completely unused because so much other medical care has ground to a halt.

If the goal of the lockdown was to flatten the curve to make sure we have hospital capacity to handle a surge of critical patients, then haven’t we done it? Our peak day is supposed to be tomorrow according to the latest projections. TOMORROW. So if this is the peak and we have plenty of capacity, why aren’t we working on lifting the restrictions.


2121, 13 April 2020


  1. Mark Hoefert

    The link shows that 37% of hospital beds of all types in WI are available at this time – 4105 out of 11,174.  Granted, they may not necessarily be the type needed and located where they might be needed. But it does not seem to show that the system is being overwhelmed.

    This is the actual WI COVID-19 dashboard main page. Number of cases, age, race, etc.


  2. dad29

    why aren’t we working on lifting the restrictions.

    Don’t ask Tony.  That’s a HARD question.  Ask easier ones, like “Where do you live?”

  3. jjf

    Open it up, and then there will be another rise, and another lockdown.

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