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0721, 23 Mar 20

Former Mayor Sadownikow Supports Kasten for Mayor

That’s quite an endorsement.

March 21, 2020 – West Bend, WI – In-person absentee voting is taking place at the West Bend City Hall.  I already voted and feel that West Bend is fortunate to have two high quality candidates running for Mayor, Rich Kasten and Chris Jenkins.

I believe West Bend is best served if both men are able to continue serving our community.  Due to the way election law is written, the only way that can happen is if Rich Kasten is elected Mayor and Chris Jenkins retains his aldermanic seat.

Rich Kasten earned my vote.

I had the pleasure of working with Rich while we served together on the Council.  Rich is a thoughtful man, husband, father and community servant.  He is a confident leader who thinks before he speaks, considers all facts before rendering an opinion and can defend the actions he takes with logic and reason.

Rich uses his IT, Engineering and Personnel Management skills to enhance the City of West Bend.  Rich has chosen to get deeply involved so he can fully understand City operations and how to make them the most efficient possible.

He currently serves as the Finance Committee Chairman, Chairman of the Transportation Task Force and is a member of the Plan Commission and Union Negotiations Team.  Rich has the experience, desire and ability to serve our community as Mayor.

Make no mistake, Chris Jenkins has a bright future in public service and I am confident his time will come.  In order to ensure a strong, conservative Council please join me in voting for Rich Kasten to be West Bend’s next Mayor.


Kraig Sadownikow

West Bend


0721, 23 March 2020


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