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1632, 05 Mar 20

Wisconsin State Treasurer Seeks to Turn office Into Yet Another Social Service Agency


Her task force will seek to develop a network of local treasurers and community organizations that can work together to improve home ownership, prevent foreclosures and empower taxpayers. Wisconsin has one state treasurer, 72 county treasurers and more than 1,400 municipal treasurers Godlewski wants to bring together.

Godlewski said one example of what the task force could do might be to encourage local treasurers to connect struggling homeowners with other organizations that help them deal with foreclosure payments or first-time home buying options. Godlewski said another outcome she hopes for is to create a “foreclosure prevention system” where local treasurers can follow up with residents who have trouble paying utilities or local property taxes and connect them with resources for how to address it.

How many other organizations already do this?


1632, 05 March 2020


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