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0845, 29 Feb 20

Madison Appeals Court Supports Lawlessness by Government Agency

This reminds me of why people are getting upset with the NFL… you just don’t know what the rules are anymore. In this case, the written law could not be more clear, but this court just decided that a government agency could ignore it. Even if this goes to the Supreme Court and they rule correctly, the uncertainty and undermining of the rule of law has been done. We are becoming a country in which it doesn’t matter what the law actually says. All that matters is if you can find a judge somewhere that agrees with you.

MADISON – A Wisconsin appeals court Friday struck down an Ozaukee County judge’s ruling that thousands of people had to be quickly removed from the state’s voter rolls because they are believed to have moved.

The appeals judges also unanimously overturned a finding that state election officials were in contempt of court for not taking people off the rolls.

The ruling comes a month after the District 4 Court of Appeals in Madison temporarily blocked the decisions by Circuit Judge Paul Malloy. Friday’s ruling puts a more permanent block on the effort to take voters off the rolls, but those who brought the lawsuit promised to ask the Supreme Court to reverse the latest ruling.

The appeals decision affects more than 200,000 voters who were targeted to be taken off the rolls in one of the most closely watched states for this year’s presidential election. State officials believe the voters have moved, and supporters of the lawsuit argued they must be taken off the rolls until they re-register to vote.

Friday’s ruling was issued by Judges Michael Fitzpatrick, JoAnne Kloppenburg and Jennifer Nashold. No dissents were noted.


0845, 29 February 2020


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Democrat judges are lawless when it comes to elections.

    Awful. Just awful.

  2. dad29

    Just what did you expect from the Madistan Appeals Court?

    In a highly technical reading of the law, this bunch distinguishes County election boards from the State election board–so the onus of the law rests only on the County folks.

    Should SCOWI actually move fast enough, they could find that the law encompasses BOTH the Counties and the State, re-instate the fines, and re-instate the original Order.  This will screw the State Board to the wall–a well-earned end.

  3. jjf

    Which side is gaming the system and why, oh Owen?

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