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1015, 27 Jan 20

Milwaukee Tool Announces Major New Site in West Bend

Excellent news in the Washington County Insider!

January 27, 2020 – West Bend, WI – Neighbors in West Bend are abuzz about the news Milwaukee Tool will be building a manufacturing plant in West Bend.“It’s huge for West Bend,” said District 5 alderman Rich Kasten. “It shows we can play with the big boys and start to build back some of that manufacturing we lost over the decades.”

The location for the new $26 million plant that will manufacture hand tools is the new TIF 14 located to the south of Rusco Road along the east side of River Road. According to City Administrator Jay Shambeau, Milwaukee Tool will be in the 62 acres of Area A with the road extended off Rail Way.


-The proposed $26 million plant will manufacture hand tools for professional electricians and utility linemen.

-Ground breaking is expected to be in April 2020 with the plant opening in early 2021.

-The deal to build in West Bend happened quickly and West Bend won out over a competing location in Indiana.

City Administrator Jay Shambeau said West Bend was able to secure a deal with Milwaukee Tool because the “City is within close proximity to to their corporate headquarters in Brookfield and its proposed additional corporate presence in Menomonee Falls. Plus the sheer size of our industrial park with ample room for expansion helped set us apart.”


1015, 27 January 2020

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  1. dad29

    Interesting, because that line of goods is not what METCo was making before the Taiwan company bought it out.

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