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0923, 11 Jan 20

Palmyra-Eagle School District to Remain Open

What the heck?

The Palmyra-Eagle Area School District will live on.

That’s after a state panel rejected an order from the Palmyra-Eagle Area School Board to dissolve the district.

The School District Boundary Appeal Board, a panel made up of school board members from around the state and the state superintendent’s designee, voted 6-1 to deny the dissolution at its meeting Thursday afternoon at the Palmyra-Eagle Middle School gymnasium.


The dissolution process officially started April 8, 2019, when the Palmyra-Eagle Area School Board approved a resolution to consider dissolution of the school district.

But the wheels started turning six days earlier when 61% of district voters rejected a four-year, $11.5 million operational referendum that district officials said was needed to keep the cash-strapped district running.

On July 1, the school board took the next step, ordering the district’s dissolution.

A non-binding advisory referendum on the dissolution, triggered by a community-led petition drive, was held Nov. 5, with 53% of voters saying they wanted to see the district dissolve.

This is another example of the arrogance of those in government. The people of the district voted down a referendum with the clear understanding that doing so meant that they would have to dissolve the district. Then the people voted in an advisory referendum to dissolve the district. The school board – elected by the people in the district – voted to dissolve the school district. In a brazen act of self-governance, the people could not have been more clear.

And yet, after all that, an unelected state board comprised of people who do not live in the district vote to keep the school district open.


We are going to see this again and again. Enrollment across the state is declining and it is sensible to consolidate school districts to adapt to those trends. But the push against it is coming from entrenched government bureaucracy that is more interested in maintaining the status quo than in managing taxpayer resources to provide the best education for the most kids.


0923, 11 January 2020


  1. Mar

    Just more liberal emotionalism. Liberals just cannot operate on facts, they just are incapable of it. They have to rely on emotions because that’s all they can muster.
    Just more evidence that a liberal is a sub-specie human being.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    This is how liberals get their way unelected bureaucrats!

    Gay marriage, abortion, any referendums where public has spoken and they hate it.

  3. Le Roi du Nord

    I recently had an opportunity to chat with one of the SDBAB members about this.  Perhaps the two folks that commented above would have been served by that conversation as well.  As usual there is much more involved with this than mentioned in the article linked, but even if they had read the article they would have seen:
    “In addition, Maloney said dissolving the district would saddle one or more of the surrounding districts with debt and an increased tax burden.
    “If the Palmyra-Eagle School District can remain intact and move forward with proposed plans that people have suggested, more power to them, and if that doesn’t happen, then things can be settled in a less damaging manner to surrounding districts,” she said.”

  4. dad29

    There’s always ‘more to the story’ than what runs in a newspaper.

    I heard a radio discussion of it, and from what was said, the adjoining Districts would have taken on the children (and presumably, the debt).

    But what was NOT mentioned was the degree of happiness in those other Districts about the deal.

  5. Jason

    Hypocritical Leroy…  more proof


    You lament on here every chance you get about Trump not getting the popular vote and here you are advocating some quasi-7 person statewide board ignoring 53% of the local voters of the district.   That’s from the same article you suggest reading.

  6. Le Roi du Nord

    Righto dud. One of the adjacent districts told the board that they would take the kids (and the per capita $$) but not the debt.  That soured the deal.


    Not at all.  You are just as bad as k in regards to making up a false narrative to make you feel better about your own shortcomings.  No one is surprised.

    Do you know what the term “quasi-” means?

  7. Kevin Scheunemann


    I’ll bite, what “false narrarives”?

    Accurate quote would be nice instead of your usual slander.

  8. jjf

    It’s like musical chairs, but with taxes.

  9. Le Roi du Nord


    You have claimed, without proof, that; the earth is 6000 years old, that I want to control the weather, that the pope isn’t christian, that I am a fascist/murderer/marxist/socialist/ yada, yada, yada.  All your claims. so wallow in them.

  10. Kevin Scheunemann


    No quotes. Not surprised.

    Again, you repeat the lie/mischaracterize badly my comment about the pope.

    You want action on global warming…you don’t want to influence/control the weather with that action? Just what is the warming cult hoping to achieve with all its proposed regulation, taxes, and command control of economy?

    I told you I live by faith on Creation. You are calling Christianity a “false narrative”? Very, very insensitive of you.

    The rest of your slander, would be nice if you produced a quote.

    You never can produce a quote, because you are a typical liberal reporting fake news. Facts don’t care about your feelings.

  11. Le Roi du Nord


    You still haven’t figured out the difference between climate and weather.  That is on you.

    If your religion says that the earth is 6000 years old, and you claim that to be fact, yes it is a false narrative.

    I have provided direct quotes numerous times in the past, yet you still deny you said them.  That is on you as well.

  12. jjf

    If you kids don’t behave, Owen’s just going to turn this car around and go home.  No Six Flags for you if you can’t settle down.

  13. Mar

    Le Roi, you are the most bigoted here. Why is that?

  14. Kevin Scheunemann


    1.) If climate does not affect weather, why do we care if it warms up slightly? I like my fas bill to be less in winter.

    2.) So you are saying Bible is a false narrative?

    3.) LIE. You are worse than CNN.

  15. Mar

    Funny how Le Roi rips Kevin for his beliefs, based on his own beliefs.

  16. Mar

    Funny how Le Roi rips Kevin for his beliefs, based on his Le Roi’s own beliefs.

  17. Le Roi du Nord


    What did I say that was bigoted?  Beliefs?  Or reality?  An educated guy like you should know the difference.


    I explained all those issues in the past.  Is your memory that poor, or is it selective?


    I really don’t want to go to Six Flags.  Especially with those guys.

  18. Mar

    Le Roi, you are bigoted against Kevin’s beliefs and you bigoted against his religion/denomination.
    You are bigoted because of your beliefs are different than his.
    Both of you have your beliefs, none of them can be proven with 100% accuracy.
    But Le Roi, you take it to a anothet level by ripping on Kevin’s religious beliefs.

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