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1434, 02 Dec 19

Man with Gun Stops Threat

I feel bad for the resource officer who had to shoot a kid.

WAUKESHA, Wis. – A school resource officer inside Waukesha South High School in  Wisconsin shot a 17-year-old student who pulled a gun in a classroom and refused to drop it, according to officials.

The suspect is in custody and the building is safe and secure, according to the Waukesha Police Department.

The student with the gun was the only person injured in the incident.

The student brought the gun to school, school officials tell the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Waukesha Police Chief Russell Jack said the officer who fired his gun is an 11-year veteran of the department.


1434, 02 December 2019


  1. Mar

    And to think that many liberal school districts don’t want cops with guns in schools.

  2. dad29

    Well…..if it was suicide-by-cop, then the kid MAY have been waiting for the cops to arrive–thus not attacking other kids, etc.

    Sure looks like that was his plan.

  3. MjM

    Don’t know why anyone would feel bad for the officer. Doing what he/she was trained to do

    Sort of.

    I find it strange that the perp is described as having only “relatively minor wounds”. Close range. Three shots. “relatively minor wounds”. That indicates the officer held back. And that means he/she put the lives of everyone else in the near vicinity on the line after the perp pulled his gun and aimed.

    I am speculating here, based on the info in the story. Daddio may be correct, others (you know who) will immediately chastise me by saying I wanted the kid dead, blah, blah, and we will learn more as the days pass. But as it stands, this is not sitting quite right.

    However, THIS certainly proves the point:

    “Former Gov. Scott Walker successfully lobbied lawmakers to take up legislation that provided $100 million in grants to schools to beef up security. Evers wants to expand background checks on firearm sales and implement a new so-called red flag law.”

  4. Owen

    Even if it is necessary and you were trained to do it, no sane person feels good about shooting a kid.

  5. Merlin

    That child’s parents need to thank the officer for not putting three rounds center mass at close quarters into their little darling.

  6. jjf

    Mar, have you weighed the costs against the hoped-for benefits?  How many rent-a-cops do you want us to pay for, and what are the unintended consequences?

  7. Mar

    Well, jjf, thanks for insulting the true police officers and sheriff deputies that actually patrol schools.
    As for security aides, they far more braver than you, so I wouldn’t be cutting them down.
    Or perhaps, you have no clue what you are talking about?

  8. jjf

    I asked some simple questions, Mar.  How many cops per school, how many shifts, and how much will it cost?  And what are the consequences?  You’ve thought through all this?  No insults necessary.  You don’t want “rent-a-cops”?  You want nice, serious, well-trained cops?  I think that’ll cost more.  You don’t want to go with the lowest bidder?

  9. MjM

    @Owen   Correction: a person, aiming a firearm directly at others.

    Take the “kid” out of it and one realizes that the immediate situation faced by the OI does not change in the least.

    And levels of sanity – in anyone – was not at all my implication.  Quite the opposite.

    Would you equally “feel bad for the resource officer” if the perp had been 20?  35?  47?  My question was and is, why? Or why not?

    Personally, I don’t see a need to send condolences to the OI.   Praise,  congratulations, positive re-enforcement, yes.  Precisely because he/she is feeling bad all by his/herself.



  10. Mar

    jjf, looks like a brave cop shot a thug student holding a knife in Oshkosh today and you question the need for cops in schools.
    But to answer your questions since you don’t anything about cops in schools.
    The cops work 1 shift a day during the school year. Sometimes the district pays for the officer/deputy, sometimes the cost is split or other times, the police department provides the cops for free. When school is out session, the officer returns to patrol.
    As for your insulting rent a cop comment, they provide a good back up job. They break up fights, remove disruptive students from the classroom, patrol the halls and are closer to the students and provide good counseling to the students when needed.
    Having been a teacher and was assaulted several times, I appreciate the police and the security aides even though you do not.

  11. Kevin Scheunemann


    The ignorance of your comments are incredible!

    SRO’s are fully trained officers on local police force nearly all the time! They are there at request of and partially paid for by local school district!

    Your comments are insulting and ignorant to law enforcenent!

  12. jjf

    Read more, learn more!

  13. dad29

    Oooohhhh…..The Atlantic!!


    As to the case in Waukesha?  A city cop.  Madison?  City cops.  Elmbrook?  City cops.

    Relevance counts, jiffy.

  14. Mar

    jjf, the articles contained falsehoods and cherry picked only a few cases involving 19,000 cops.
    But the reality is the cops in schools have solved problems and prevented diasters.
    Myself, I was saved from an assualt by SROs on 2 occasions have prevented serious injuries in numerous cases.
    jjf, quit while you are so far behibd.

  15. jjf

    Yeah, I know, it’s no First Things, and might not give you much to cluck about over coffee at your Who’s More Catholic Debating Society meetings.

    Let’s do the math.  How many highly-trained and friendly non-militarized cops would you like to place in the average high school, and how many shifts and alternates will we need, how much do they want to be paid, how much will it cost us?  And will there be any consequences?

  16. dad29

    My, my.  For a twerp, you have a lot of stupid questions.

    Enjoy reading the comics, Jiffy.

  17. jjf

    Come on, Dad29.  Pick a school.  Tell me how many cops they’ll need, how much it costs.

    And more importantly, just how much tacti-cool gear should they wear?  And what about the sunglasses?

  18. Mar

    I already answered jjf’s questions, he’s trolling just to troll. And then he goes a disrespects the cops.
    What an ass.

  19. jjf

    Mar, you answered a fraction.  You said one cop works one shift – that tells me nothing about how many cops an average high school will need.  You said the school year – what, no summer school?  There’s still kids there.  Before school starts, there’s kids there.  After school, there’s still kids there.  How many hours a day, how long is that shift?

    And sure, sometimes the district pays, sometimes the police department picks it up – but that says nothing about the actual cost, which we’ll all pay, no matter what.  And again, what are the side effects of having them there?

    What, I’m not being respectful enough to any hypothetical school cop?  Are you eyeballing me, boy?

  20. Mar

    Boy, jjf, you are such a racist.
    If there is summer school, a cop might be there, but chances are that those going to summer school are not the ones who typically cause problems.
    Before school starts and kids on campus. I guess you mean athletes. They, again usually not the ones causing problems.
    Tell me, how many school shootings happened within 45 minutes before school.
    As far as the shift length, it depends on the school and the district.
    So, from your completely stupid comments, you don’t like security guards, you don’t like cops. So, how do you propose to break up fights? How do you handle drugs found? How do you handle school threats? How do you propose getting disruptibmve kids out of a classroom?
    How do you propose in protecting kids from bullies?
    How do you propose to solve the problem when a kid comes to school with a gun and uses it?
    And why are you such a vile disrespectful person who hates police officers and security guards?
    I hope you never need the cops before you die.
    If course, when you die, if you don’t die in a hospital or hospice, chances are a cop will be investigating your death.

  21. jjf

    Mar, you think you have a handle on the mindset and tactics of school shooters?  They’re not smart enough to avoid the cops?  Or smart enough to do it when they show the cops aren’t around?  And they don’t ever want to disrupt sports events?  And athletes don’t cause problems?  All this is based on your extensive experience in schools?

  22. dad29

    Mar, he’s just a troll.  And a pointless troll, at that.

  23. Mar

    jjf,please spend a semester in a school and then come back with more knowledge. Right now, you sound like a fool

  24. jjf

    Oh, sure, I’ll step right up and share personal details and experience with schools and teaching, as that’s always turned out well for anyone here who’s shared an opinion that wasn’t rightward of the previous right-leaning comment.

    Same old, same old.  Oh, you don’t run a Dairy Queen so you can’t have an opinion about small businesses.  Oh, you don’t know how it is here in Arizona, you can’t have an opinion about taxes.  Oh, you weren’t in the military, so you can’t have an opinion about the military.  Oh, you haven’t tried to shoot a deer in the last week, so you can’t have an opinion about hunting.  Oh, you don’t have a vagina, you can’t have an opinion about female health issues.  Oh, wait, I’ve discovered a contradiction…

    To stay on-topic, what’s so difficult about putting a price tag on more cops in schools?  Or considering the unintended side effects?  Or discussing what the cop is actually doing while at the school?  You want them there solely for a faster response, or do you want to expand their role to interacting with students on a daily basis?

  25. Mar

    The thing is jjf, is I answered your questions but you didnt read it or your are just being belligerent crybaby. Which is it?

  26. jjf

    OK, let’s start with the biggest high school in the state, Indian Trail in Kenosha with about 2,300 students.  Huge building, what, a half million square feet?  How many cops might they need?

  27. Mar

    2. I worked at an inner city school in Vegas with about as many students and that is what we had.
    What we had. They we complimented by about 5vsecurity sides and the administrators. During sporting events, like football and basketball, probably 4-5 more but we were in a gang infested area.

  28. Mar

    Middle schools usually had 1 and elementary schools had. There is a caveat, we also had our own police force.
    At the school I was at, with a school that slightly more students, we had 1 cop with 4 aides but this was a mostly middle class family school.

  29. jjf

    In rounded numbers we’ve got 900 or so upper schools in WI, about 1,200 elementary, about 100 are both, so 2,200 schools.

    Let’s say 100 of them need two cops instead of one, so new 2,300 cops?

    And you want to pay them how much?  For just 3/4 of the year, summers off?  If they were full-time, maybe each costs the public $80K total, so $184 million?  Or $138 million is 3/4 of that.

    In 2008, WI had 13,730 sworn LE officers in all agencies.  Where will we pull the new cops from?

  30. Mar

    jjf, some if most schools already have cops in school and very few will need cops in school, especially rural schools.
    The cops, if they are not at school during summer school, they are on patrol or do whatever duties that are assigned.
    Most departments will not be hiring new cops to be a SRO.
    And I rarely ever hear that there is a shortage of cops in Wisconsin

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