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1432, 21 Nov 19

Drug Dealer Financials

This is a fascinating insight into the economics of being a drug dealer.

The defendant said he had a decent clientele of about 2030 individuals in the Germantown and Menomonee Falls area to whom he sold marijuana and cocaine. He has been selling drugs for about six years, the complaint states, generating about $3,500 a week in drug money. Erdman said he usually buys a brick

or two of cocaine at a time for $42,000 per kilogram from a supplier in Milwaukee, and did so three to four times a year, according to the complaint. He allegedly made $58,000 in profit from each kilogram he sold and said he cooked the crack cocaine himself. In his most profitable years, the defendant allegedly made $300,000 from selling drugs.

Erdman said he purchases cocaine that originates in Mexico and allegedly said if he did not have a prior felony conviction he would go right to the source in Mexico to get the drug. While he claimed he could make more money selling heroin, the defendant said he is against it.

“If someone came to me and said there is no more coke coming, all you can sell is heroin, I would get a job,” Erdman said, according to the complaint. “I’m not trying to kill anybody.”


1432, 21 November 2019

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  1. Mar

    A drug dealer with a little bit of a conscious.

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