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0924, 31 Oct 19

Adam Gitter To Run for Washington County Executive

We have a race

Washington County, WI (October 31, 2019):

On Tuesday, April 7, 2020 the citizens of Washington County, WI will have an option on the ballot for the new position of County Executive. Adam Gitter has stepped forward with the intention of being the first County Executive elected in Washington County, WI. While exploring this opportunity Gitter has found a groundswell of support in the county leading up to his announcement to run for the County Executive position.

“Community and collaboration are what this campaign is rooted in.” Stated Gitter, “Being raised in Washington County has given me a strong sense of home. Partnering that with values I gained through my service in the Army has led me to pursue a career serving my community. Washington County is an excellent place to live and raise a family. We are in a position to empower municipalities by utilizing the sales tax the county collects on behalf of all municipalities and sharing this for more localized control of the dollars. This, among other key issues, is why I am running for the Washington County Executive position.”

Adam Gitter graduated from Kewaskum High School before earning an Associate’s Degree from local UW-Washington County, now going by the name of UWM-Washington County. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and a Master’s of Public Administration from UW-Oshkosh. Gitter served in the U.S. Army with one tour in Afghanistan during 2008 and 2009. He currently serves as the Economic Development Manager for the City of West Bend.

“In addition to the sales tax, it is important that a fee to enter county parks be removed.” Stated Gitter, “A lot of feedback has come from around the county on this topic and ultimately a barrier for entry to parks is not what the public wants.”

Adam Gitter lives with his wife Lindsay, son Duncan and six month old puppy, Bender, in the City of West Bend. He is actively dedicated to serving the local community through involvement in many boards and commissions. Board membership on the county level includes Economic Development Washington County and Washington County Convention and Visitors Bureau.


0924, 31 October 2019

1 Comment

  1. WestBendConservative

    Excellent news! I was hoping an actual conservative would enter the race. Nothing against Josh, but I’ve heard from many different prominent conservatives in Washington County that his record on the Hartford School Board was not stellar. If we go on that record, He would likely pack tons of pork into County spending once he was no longer accountable to the County Board.

    Best of luck to both, but Adam easily has my support. I hope West Bend’s former mayor throws in. He’d be an excellent choice.

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