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2147, 22 Oct 19

No New Jobs for Inner City Milwaukee

Ah, the classic American tale. Company wants to move into the inner city to create jobs and build the community; protesters crap all over it; company takes its business elsewhere. Nice job, Milwaukee.

Strauss Brands announced Monday they will not be relocating from Franklin to Milwaukee — taking with them up to 500 potential jobs.


In September, the city announced Strauss Brands would be moving its headquarters — and meat processing facility — to the city’s northwest side. The company was planning to build a 170,000-square-foot building on 20 acres, and planned to slaughter 500 cows every day starting in 2021.

Milwaukee city officials celebrated the ability to get a large production facility to move into the struggling business park.

Alderman Khalif Rainey, who represents the district where Century City is located, was in support of Strauss Brands moving into the area. He said those jobs were needed.

But after intense criticsm over the slaughterhouse, the common council decided to revisit the proposal, planning to do so Tuesday, Oct. 29.


2147, 22 October 2019


  1. MjM

    Rainey fired back at the protesters, who were mostly white, for not being residents of the city. Many of the people who filed petitions against Strauss Brands listed their address as Milwaukee County.

    “I see words such as ‘slaughter,’ I see words such as ‘trauma,’ I didn’t receive an influx of emails when a mother was killed in a car with her daughter, I don’t see people gathered outside protesting when they see the unemployment statistics for black men and women,” Rainey said. “When you talk about trauma, when you talk about PTSD, these things exist in our community. This is what is called selective indignation.” –

    That last line is devastating, and true. A bunch of lefty racist honky outsiders telling the the inner city what it does/does not need. And note the total absence of mayor Grin nBarrett.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    I am not thrilled about Milwaukee stealing companies from surrounding communities, but I supported this move because that area needed the jobs.

    I am sick of racist liberals denying opportunity to those most in need in Milwaukee. Your liberal racism makes me vomit.

    Liberal voters in Milwaukee…wake up! Stop voting for your Democrat plantation owners! All Democrats do is keep you from success!

  3. Mar

    I’m going to play devils advocate. I’m not familiar with area but here goes.
    Unless the building is right next to the freeway, you will have the trucks drive around neighborhoods and those trucks stink. You can smell them a quarter of mile away or more, depending in the wind. You can smell the trucks on the highway, if you are following them.
    And 20 acres seems kind of small, especially if you need a place for the cows to hang out before they are turned into steaks and hamburger. Will there be a noise buffer there?
    I’m not sure if the City of Milwaukee is the best place for a slaughter house.

  4. Merlin

    Milwaukee is overwhelmingly Democrat, but you need to be the right kind of Democrat to benefit. The right kind of Democrats are the ones with money, the kind who don’t need more upward mobility, the kind of Democrat who knows what types of jobs are acceptable for their lessor Democrat brethren. The right kind of Democrats were not benefitting here.

  5. jjf

    If only that protesting was actually successful.  It’s not in most cases, right?

    And Mar, sounds like you don’t like CAFOs.

  6. Mar

    No, jjf, I really don’t care about about CAFOs. I do care when I behind one of those trucks, smelling all the pee and poo. They are worse than a garbage truck.

  7. MjM

    Mar sez: “Unless the building is right next to the freeway, …”

    1.5 miles west of I-43, down the 4-lane boulevard of Capitol Drive (HY190). MKE spent 40 million on the 50-acre, zoned heavy industrial site. It lays on east side of double railroad tracks (on the west is another industrial area).

    Strause’s current site in Franklin is about 3 miles west of I-94

  8. dad29

    Mar, your olfactory sensibilities are nice, but whiffing the Milorganite plant ain’t no treat, either.  Nor is the lakefront, seasonally.

    Location is not really a problem.  What is interesting is that the ‘hood is full of NIMBY’s.  Usually, that’s a white upper-class thing.

  9. MjM

    …. or the Milwaukee River.

  10. Mar

    Thanks, MJM, you made my case even more clear.
    Dad, I used to live on KK and Lincoln and, yes, its bad and so is a paper mill but a cattle truck is much worse.

  11. jjf

    Mar, the trucks hauling liquid cow manure are indeed one of the factors that CAFOs impose on their neighbors.  The trucks roll all day long because the manure has to go somewhere, has to be spread at a certain rate on fields, next thing you know, they’re driving miles and miles to get to rented fields.  And there’s a smell, too.  It’s worse coming off the fields than it is from a truck.  And the trucks break down the roads faster, imposing a cost on townships.

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