Lawmakers Proposing Dumping More Money in K-12 Education

Follow the money

In most Wisconsin school districts, 4-year-olds can attend kindergarten. But the programs are usually for just part of the day. State legislators are now considering two bills that could expand full-day kindergarten options for children under 5.

One bill would make it easier for school districts to offer full-day 4K programs by increasing the amount of funding per-student. Right now, schools receive about half the funding for 4-year-olds that they get for 5-year-olds. The other bill would loosen the age restrictions on 4K, allowing some 3-year-olds to attend

The bills are products of the Blue Ribbon Commission on School Funding, a special committee that traveled the state gathering testimony on K-12 education issues.

This has nothing to do with better education and everything to do with finding a way to shovel more money into the K-12 education industry in an era of declining enrollment. Have fewer kids?!?! Budgets declining!?!? Expand the age range of the students!