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0812, 24 Sep 19

Governor Evers is considering tyranny

My column for the Washington County Daily News is online and in print. Pick up a copy!

“Mandatory” gun buybacks are exactly that. It is the government forcing citizens to surrender their firearms to the government, and if the citizens refuse, the government will use the full violent force of government to compel the citizens to comply. This force includes depriving citizens of property, liberty, and in the case of an armed confrontation, possibly life.

If you think that mandatory gun buybacks would stop at the “scary-looking gun du jour,” like the AR-15 or the AK-47, you have not paid attention to history or human nature. Once all of those are wrested from the hands of unwilling citizens, the despots will simply move onto the next target in the gun safe.


With the liberals’ resurgent interest in trammeling our civil rights, it is important that all of us make a firm statement in the voting booth that we will not tolerate such an assault on our rights. In April, Wisconsinites will have the chance to affirm that we insist that our government remain restrained by our state and federal constitutions by electing Justice Dan Kelly to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.


0812, 24 September 2019


  1. jjf

    Searched for “Foxconn,” didn’t find it.

    A land buy-back at fair market prices, enforced at the point of a government gun, for the benefit of a foreign corporation?

  2. Owen

    Goodness, are you capable of actually commenting on the topic at hand?

  3. Mike

    Red flag them, or just confiscate them.

    This level of disregard for both US and Wisconsin constitutional rights should be impeachable.

  4. Merlin

    Evers really has a pretty good gig. He can spout the entire liberal wishlist knowing full well that the legislature is there to save him from himself. He gets to keep his puddin’ headed base wrapped in warm fuzzies, yet he doesn’t actually have to do anything. Probably laughs himself to sleep at night.

  5. jsr

    Gun owners in other states are already passively resisting by just ignoring laws such as those limiting magazine capacity or certain firearms features.

    One wonders when people begin to forcibly resist.

  6. dad29

    Gun owners in other countries are simply ignoring “mandatory turn-in” laws, too.  We all know that neither Evers nor a President Warren has the capability of enforcing their wishes–and they do, too.  There aren’t enough cops in the world to disarm Wisconsin….

    Merlin’s take is correct.  Evers can run his mouth and never have to put up or shut up.  He can go back to the Mansion and toke up every night….no problem!

  7. jjf

    Topic at hand?  Did you mean evolution or climate change?  Oh wait that’s Kevin.

    But seriously – you don’t see the connection between eminent domain and gun buy-backs?

  8. dad29

    Jiffy prefers confusion.  It’s another of his specialties.

  9. Kevin Scheunemann

    Oh jjf,

    I’m not the one that just took a topic about liberalism pushing sick genital mutilation on children and brought up dilly bars?

    You are the worst offender of steering off topic here.  You do it to steer attention from the raw evil of liberalsim.

    My only guilt is indulging your issue shift insanity sometimes.

  10. jjf

    Sure, there’s the Second Amendment layer to this, which is entirely debatable in its own right.  But the government paying you when they claim your property?  Entirely on topic.

    Remember a few years ago B. F. (Before Foxconn) when conservatives would wring their hands about the terrible nature of eminent domain?

    So why is paying someone for their AR any different from forcing them out of their newly-built home so it could be torn down to make room for a frontage road for Foxconn?

    And if we did buy-back your AR, can we do it at today’s price for a used AR?

  11. dad29

    “We”, John?  “We” will confiscate?

    Come and get it, boy.

  12. jjf

    Oh, Dad29, you wouldn’t hurt a flea.  But the fantasies are fun and entertaining, aren’t they?

  13. dad29

    Fantasy, reality, all the same to me.

  14. jjf

    Let me try to follow the logic…  you have the AR to protect your home and family, and when the government says you need to give up your home so they can bulldoze it and use it for Foxconn, you don’t use the AR to challenge the tyrannical government.

    Molon whatevs. 

    But when they want to buy-back your AR, you’re going to shoot them?

  15. Pat

    “Fantasy, reality, all the same to me.”

    Isn’t that the definition of delusion?

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