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0709, 16 Sep 19

Barrett’s “Plans” for Sales Tax Money

Doesn’t it seem like he just tries to make stuff up that sounds good? Of course, once the money is flowing into Milwaukee, it could be used for anything… like trolleys, employee benefits, and other stuff that doesn’t sound as good.

If the tax were approved, it would raise an estimated $160 million, Barrett said, and 25 percent, or $40 million, would go to property tax relief in the form of a credit.

Barrett said the city of Milwaukee would use part of the money for lead abatement on aging homes with lead paint and replacing lead laterals in the city’s water system.

He said without the additional revenue, the Milwaukee Police Department is likely to have fewer officers in the next city budget.

“I do not want to do that,” Barrett said. “A way for us to avoid that is to have this sales tax.”

Some enterprising reporter should look into the city budget and see what other spending is being prioritized over these things already.


0709, 16 September 2019


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Typical greedy liberal.

    Instead of defunding SDC, or someo other gross waste of money, right away he goes for cutting police in his crime infested community spilling over into the burbs.

    Awful. Just awful.

  2. Merlin

    The legislature would be foolish to give Barrett any part of his 1% tax.

    None of his listed needs have been addressed in the past and still won’t be addressed going forward no matter how much additional revenue he’d get. I’m surprised he didn’t have a stroke just trying to voice the words “property tax credits.” MPD and MFD staffing issues are decades old and never been a Barrett priority. Same for lead abatement and sewer separation. These quality of life issues get lip service from time to time, but Barrett and his cronies know they don’t have to actually do anything about them.

    Barrett needs immediate cash to fund his vanity train to nowhere and to offset the dry screwing the city’s going to take hosting the convention in 2020. Handing the fool more money to burn is just silly.

  3. steveegg

    You forgot “or Abele”, Merlin, though if it is a joint city-county tax increase, I’m sure Barrett (or Moore) will grab more than its fair share of the money…to spend on downtown/the North Side respectively.

  4. steveegg

    As for the sewer separation, this money wouldn’t go for that either.  Barrett likes dumping crap in the lake, and any permanent solution, in his world, would be 100% funded by the suburbs.

  5. jjf

    So why does Bidness seem to like it?

  6. dad29

    Barrett and his cronies know they don’t have to actually do anything about them.

    …unless another D-D-D legislature and Gov write and pass bills mandating that the suburbs pay, like MMSD.

  7. jjf

    Golly, Dad29, can you imagine what kind of havoc could be carried out if the state government was controlled by a single party?

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