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1917, 08 Sep 19

Elmo Tickles… and is Arrested

You really don’t know who is behind the mask.

A New Jersey street performer dressed as Elmo was arrested for fondling a 14-year-old girl in Times Square.

Inocente Andrade-Pacheco was taken into police custody on Saturday after he allegedly groped a young girl’s rear on Broadway near 46th street.

New York Daily News reports that the victim approached Andrade-Pacheco with her family and asked for a photo with the 54-year-old man.

As the family posed with the costumed man, Andrade-Pacheco hand began on the victim’s back before wandering inappropriately downwards to her backside.


1917, 08 September 2019


  1. Mar

    Elmo needs to register as a sex offender. Not the first time.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    Like a good chunk of Hollywood liberals.

    This Elmo will probably get a standing O from perverted Hollywood liberals, like they give fugitive pedophile Roman Polanski at every awards show.

    In liberal culture, the sexual predator is the victim.

  3. Le Roi du Nord

    Hey, that type of behavior got trump elected president.  I thought you were happy about that.  Or is it just another example of your double standards?

  4. Mark Hoefert

    @ LeRoy: Hey, that type of behavior got trump elected president.

    My, what a deep understanding of politics you possess. Perhaps up Nord voting decisions are made based on that kind of thing. I think awhile ago that troll (Paul, Paulie?) referred to you as a pedophile.  So, you voted for the Clintons because your preference is for politicians associated with the trafficking of underaged girls and the Hollywood crowd that spawned that whole “#MeToo” thing?

  5. Le Roi du Nord

    Sorry to disappoint you but I didn’t vote for Bill.  Nor did I vote for trump.  But others did knowing full what kind of folks they were.

  6. Pat

    Rationalization 101. When confronted with Trumps behavior, bring up Clinton.

  7. Le Roi du Nord


  8. Jason

    So according to Pat, Leroy is rationalizing 101 by bringing up trump when talking about Inocente Andrade-Pacheco. And showing off what a bozo he really is, Leroy is agreeing with Pat about it. Fool from the North!

  9. Kevin Scheunemann

    NOT one you liberals are going to “woke scold” ongoing Hollywood perversion?

    Look at what we do to an Elmo doing some posterior grabbing,l we need to apply the standard in Hollywood!


  10. Pat

    Ah, but no one disputes what I said. Only try to troll around it.

  11. dad29

    The discussion is about ELMO, for cryin’ out loud.

    I voted for a President, not a Saint.  Will vote the same way next time.

  12. Pat

    Well, you certainly didn’t get a saint, that’s for sure. And, you didn’t get much for a President either.

  13. Mark Hoefert

    Besides Leroy going off-topic (or to paraphrase Pat, “bring up Trump”), Leroy seems to be projecting his own voting behavior into the conversation, saying ” that type of behavior got trump elected president.” 


  14. Pat

    Sorry Mark but what you’re saying is an analogy to what I said, not a paraphrase.

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