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2145, 05 Sep 19

Milwaukie Man Steals ATM by Covering with a Cardboard Box


 – A man walked into a hospital in Oregon and covered an ATM using a cardboard box in order to discreetly wheel it out of the building, police said.

The suspect, described as a white male, was captured on surveillance footage around 7:20 p.m. on Aug. 17 walking into the Providence Milwaukie Hospital, police said. The man covered the ATM with a cardboard box, cut the wires and wheeled it out on a hand cart.

The ATM was then loaded into a black or dark-colored Subaru, which appeared to have a sticker in the right-hand corner of the rear window, according to police.

The ATM was reported to have $17,000 in it when the machine was stolen.


2145, 05 September 2019


  1. steveegg

    I’m only surprised this didn’t happen in Grand Theft Auto: Milwaukee first.

  2. Mar

    Aren’t these things usually bolted down and weigh a lot?

  3. steveegg

    I don’t know about bolted down, but the typical indoor ATM weighs 150-250 pounds.  That’s well within the capabilities of someone with a strong back and a handtruck.

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