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0745, 05 Aug 19

Hero Cops Save Lives

Heroes, all.

Police fatally shot Betts, who was wearing a mask, bulletproof vest, and hearing protection, within 30 seconds from the start of his rampage.

The video footage shows Betts fall to the ground as police fire bullets into him just before he could enter Ned Peppers.

Betts was shot multiple times and killed on the spot.

Ohio authorities have identified the suspected gunman who opened fire on patrons at a bar early Sunday morning, killing nine and injuring 27 others ‘in less than a minute’ as Connor Betts (pictured)

A motive has not been released.

Dayton police identified the six officers who engaged Betts and likely saved the lives of scores of other innocent people, according to Dayton Daily News.

They are Sgt. William C. Knight; Officer Brian Rolfes; Officer Jeremy Campbell; Officer Vincent Carter; Officer Ryan Nabel; and Officer David Denlinger. 

It is unclear which of the officers shot and killed Betts.

The officers arrived to the scene immediately, and were able to ‘put an end to it quickly’, Lt Col Matt Carper said at a press conference.


0745, 05 August 2019


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    What a magnificent job our first responders do taking on the vilest evil from day to day.

    I’m tired of the narrative tearing our first responders down. It is just gross.

  2. Jason

    Trump’s statement this morning seemed very sensible.  I hope he and the legislation can act on those thoughts.

  3. Pat

    “May God bless the memory of those who perished in Toledo,”

  4. Owen

    Yes, let’s focus on a misstatement instead of what he actually said… this is why we can’t have a rational discussion about how to attempt to address the issue.

  5. Jason

    Way to go Petty Pat.

  6. Pat

    Maybe we can start with McConnell bring up a bill for a vote that he’s sat on since February.

  7. Mar

    And Pat, how would that bill stop these shootings.
    Or how would have stopped the weekend shootings in Chicago, where 7 were killed and 47 injured?
    But you don’t care about Chicago because the victims are not the right kind of victims, right Pat?

  8. Pat

    And what did Trump propose that would have stopped the shootings?

  9. Mar

    Should have watched his speech, Pat.

  10. Pat

    I listened very closely to his prepared comments. He proposed absolutely nothing.

  11. Mar

    Pat, then you need to turn up your hearing aids. He proposed many things.

  12. Pat

    Like what?

  13. Mar

    I’m not your librarian or interpreter.

  14. Pat

    I didn’t think you’d be able to list his non- existent proposals.

  15. Mar

    Pat, is your middle name troll? Or just that stupid? Or did you lie when you said you heard his speech?
    But whatever the case, here is the transcript of his speech. Come back when you can have an intelligent conversation.

  16. Pat

    “Pat, is your middle name troll? Or just that stupid?”


    And I thought I was attempting to have an intelligent conversation.

    Let’s take a look at what I think you’re maybe talking about. As I’m not as intelligent as you, correct me if I’m wrong.

    He what’s the FBI to do something they already do.

    He wants to regulate video games. (Video games aren’t the problem)

    He wants to regulate the internet. (Something that is international and would be like herding cats)

    He wants legislators to work in bipartisanship. (They did. McConnell won’t allow a vote)

    Impose a death penalty on individuals who instigate mass killings (they usually get killed in the process of their actions)

    Intern the mentally ill. (That alone is just crazy. Mental illness isn’t the issue)

    And these things would have prevented the mass shootings and the killings in Chicago over the weekend exactly how?

  17. dad29

    Mental illness isn’t the issue

    In some cases it is.  The Dayton murderer was a few cans short of a 6-pack.  I’m inclined to agree that ‘mental illness’ is not the problem in most of the cases.

    But maybe you have more facts, Pat?

  18. Pat

    Some of the most common misperceptions surrounding gun violence and mental illness include:

    Most persons with serious mental illness, such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, are at high risk of committing violence toward others.
    Serious mental illness is one of the primary causes of gun violence in the U.S.
    People with serious mental illness are more likely to perpetrate violent crime than to be victims of violent crime.
    But here are the facts:

    Most persons with serious mental illness are never violent. However, small subgroups of persons with serious mental illness are at increased risk of violence during certain high-risk periods, such as during a first-episode of psychosis and the period surrounding inpatient psychiatric hospitalization.
    People with serious mental illness are rarely violent. Only 3 to 5 percent of all violence, including but not limited to firearm violence, is attributable to serious mental illness. The large majority of gun violence toward others is not caused by mental illness.
    People with serious mental illness are far more likely to be victims of violence, including but not limited to firearm violence, than the perpetrators of violent acts.
    Rates of violent crime victimization are 12 times higher among the population of persons with serious mental illness than among the overall U.S. population.
    And here are some suggested policy and program interventions:

    Firearm prohibitions should be expanded to include:
    More individuals with a history of violent behavior, which greatly increases the risk for perpetration of future violence toward others.
    Specifically, individuals convicted of violent misdemeanor crimes and those subject to ex parte domestic violence restraining orders should be temporarily prohibited from purchasing or possessing firearms.
    Individuals with a history of risky substance use, which heightens risk of violence toward others.
    Specifically, individuals convicted of multiple DWIs or DUIs and multiple misdemeanor crimes involving controlled substances should be temporarily prohibited from purchasing or possessing firearms.

  19. Mar

    See, Pat, that wasn’t so hard. You made some good arguments in your last post.

  20. jjf

    Owen, do you think there’s a lot of rational discussion happening here?

  21. dad29

    Thanks, Pat.

    OK.  All that said, it looks as though all the flappayappa about ‘taking guns’ from the ‘mentally ill’ is NOT going to reduce these events.

    Back to Owen’s “What to Do?” question.

  22. Mar

    jjf,there was good conversation until you got here.

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