Hero Cops Save Lives

Heroes, all.

Police fatally shot Betts, who was wearing a mask, bulletproof vest, and hearing protection, within 30 seconds from the start of his rampage.

The video footage shows Betts fall to the ground as police fire bullets into him just before he could enter Ned Peppers.

Betts was shot multiple times and killed on the spot.

Ohio authorities have identified the suspected gunman who opened fire on patrons at a bar early Sunday morning, killing nine and injuring 27 others ‘in less than a minute’ as Connor Betts (pictured)

A motive has not been released.

Dayton police identified the six officers who engaged Betts and likely saved the lives of scores of other innocent people, according to Dayton Daily News.

They are Sgt. William C. Knight; Officer Brian Rolfes; Officer Jeremy Campbell; Officer Vincent Carter; Officer Ryan Nabel; and Officer David Denlinger. 

It is unclear which of the officers shot and killed Betts.

The officers arrived to the scene immediately, and were able to ‘put an end to it quickly’, Lt Col Matt Carper said at a press conference.