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1202, 26 Jul 19

Bill Introduced to Have Taxpayers Provide Feminine Hygiene Products

Don’t get too worked up. This bill isn’t going anywhere in a sane Assembly. But it is worth noting that this is the priority of Melissa Sargent and the Democratic Party in Wisconsin.

MADISON, Wis. – Menstrual products would be more easily accessible in state and local buildings, as well as schools under a new bill a Democratic state lawmaker is introducing.

Rep. Melissa Sargent said menstrual products are “not a luxury good, nor a government handout” in a news release.

“Menstrual products are necessities, not luxuries, and the over 50% of the population who menstruate here in Wisconsin should not have to continue to face the undue and unjust burdens of inaccessibility to essential hygiene products,” Sargent said in the release.

The bill requires that restrooms in buildings owned, leased or occupied by the state and local governments have tampons or pads available at no charge.

School districts, charter schools and private schools in a parental choice program would also be required to have tampons and pads available for free in bathrooms under the bill.

I would note that less than 50% of people menstruate… kids and post-menopausal women and whatnot. But that’s neither here nor there.

This is part of the continuing thrust of socialists to make people dependent on government for everything. No, menstrual products are not a luxury good. The same argument could be made for toothpaste, deodorant, hair products, razors, or any other hygiene product. And that’s the point. If Sargent has her say, we’d probably get to the point where government provides everything – after extracting money from the people to pay for it. Of course, it is not the responsibility of taxpayers to provide any of that for people.

Frankly, I get sick and tired of socialist politicians infantilizing people. Fer cripes’ sake, we aren’t children and we can buy our own $#(@*&! hygiene products. But socialists don’t see people that way. People can’t be mature and take care of themselves. They are sheep who are too stupid, lazy, or immature to take care of themselves. They need their betters to use the violent coercive force of government to provide for their needs.

I hope Sargent gets an earful from women who say, “I’m a grown a$$ woman and can buy my own hygiene products.”


1202, 26 July 2019


  1. Pat

    Speaking of Socialism, how about that $15 billion us tax payers are are giving the farmers next month? I hope each and everyone of them are drug tested before they receive anything. We wouldn’t want to be enablers and condone evil behavior.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann


    I support drug testing of any welfare payment.


  3. jjf

    But urinals in half the bathrooms, that’s just science and practicality.

  4. Pat


    So you’re calling for drug testing of all farmers prior to receiving tax payer money, correct?

  5. jjf

    What about tax breaks?  Why not drug-test those too?

  6. Le Roi du Nord

    I’m sure the CEO of foxconn would voluntarily take that drug test.

  7. Kevin Scheunemann

    Fine with drug testing for SPECIAL tax breaks.


  8. dad29

    Look….she wants the free stuff in PUBLIC buildings, like the one she “works” in.  IOW, the freebies will be for her.


  9. jjf

    So what’s the argument against charging for the use of the bathroom in general?  Why shouldn’t we charge for that?  Other countries do.  You don’t have to use the bathroom if you don’t want to, and there’s the cost of all that toilet paper and paper towel.  Or you could bring your own.

  10. Kevin Scheunemann


    They charge for bathrooms in Paris and people pee and defecate all over the place…like liberal hellholes of Frisco and LA.

  11. jjf

    Supplying a few products in bathrooms for convenience?  Gee, it’s like Russia is taking over!

  12. Kevin Scheunemann


    Think of the men pretending to be women!

    I wouldn’t want mentally ill men, who think they are women, depending on government for their feminine products.

    That would be rude.

  13. jjf

    Ask the women you see every day, Kevin.  Tell me what they think.  Ask them if they’ve ever been without in a public restroom.  Ask them if they think it’s a nice idea.  Ask them if they’d be willing to increase their taxes by a hundredth of a penny to make it happen.

  14. Le Roi du Nord

    “I wouldn’t want mentally ill men, who think they are women, depending on government for their feminine products.

    Did you skip/flunk HS biology and health class?  What would those products be??

  15. Kevin Scheunemann

    Oh Nord,

    You have been missing the liberal meetings on abandoning biological gender science!

    Try to keep up with the liberal perversions.

  16. Le Roi du Nord

    I’ll ask again, what products?

  17. jjf

    Kevin’s trying to be funny.  Of course there are some women who don’t menstruate.  He thinks it would be funny to suggest they’ll need these free products!  Hilarious, I know!  But will he talk to the women in his life and honestly report back here?

  18. MjM

    Top Madscow Loonie Melissa Sargent lies: “…unjust burdens of inaccessibility to essential hygiene products,”

    The is a Walgreens across the street from the capital building. Perhaps Miz Sergent should learn to walk a block (or more likely, command one of her naves to walk for her).

    No, really. She IS a lunatic.

    “AB 252, JUNE 3, 2019 Introduced by Representatives Sargent, Kitchens, Anderson, ……

    27.01 (9) (bg) Annual vehicle admission receipt fee waiver; school children. 1.
    10Except as provided under subd. 2., the department shall waive the fee, including the
    11issuing fee, imposed under sub. (7) for an annual vehicle admission receipt for any
    12vehicle, except a motor bus, that has Wisconsin registration plates and that is owned
    13by a person who produces evidence that he or she is the parent or guardian of a public
    14or private school pupil who on January 1 of the year for which the vehicle admission
    15receipt is issued is enrolled in grade 4.”

    Not grade 3. Not grade 5. But only for kids in grade 4.

    For some reason.

    The Quad Lobby must be strong.

    This and free MaxiPads For All are the type of critical issues that Miz Sargent is well known for wasting time and state resources on.

  19. Mar

    Gee, how have wen survived this long without free wings?

  20. jjf

    If Kevin won’t talk to women, I welcome anyone else here to see report what they say.

  21. dad29

    Whassamatta, Jiffy?  Don’t you know any women YOU can talk to?

    MjM……seriously…….I was just speculating about Sargent’s self-interest in free tampons.  Now you bring up her “4th grade only” proposal……is it possible that she has a 4th grader?

    Otherwise, yes, it is clear that this woman is a few cans short of a 12-pack.

  22. MjM

    @Daddio; Menstrual Melissa has been at this for years. 2016, 2017, and again this year. She also has re-re-reintroduced bills to exempt fem products from all sales tax. And of course, also re-introd pot legalization back in April.

    Sargent has virtually lived her entire life inside the Madscow bubble. Born, bred, schooled (grade, high, college). Her husband is (or was) chief of staff for MKE’s own resident Demrat loon, Chris Larson.

    Don’t know if her youngest boy is 4th grade age, but here she and hubby are is using their kids as protest props in 2011, a few months before being elected:

  23. dad29

    The younger one looks about 2 YO in that vid, meaning about 10 today, which is 4th grade or so…..

    Really a sad situation for those kids.

  24. jjf

    I think it’s a reasonable idea. It doesn’t cost much. It benefits a large fraction. Yes, I’ve heard from men and women who think the same.

    I’ve heard from many women over the years that being caught unexpectedly is not an unheard-of situation, and that most often it gets solved by trying to find someone else who can help.

    The gist of the opposing argument here seems to be “but then someone might get something for nothing.”

    So go ahead Dad29 – tell me what the men and women in your life said about this issue.

  25. dad29

    All of the women I surveyed think this is ridiculous.  And I have chatted with more than one, Jiffy.

    YOU seem to think that the problem is ‘getting caught short.’  Fine–that happens.  Place a dispenser in ladies’ rooms, charge 25 cents (or whatever).  Then the problem is solved.

    See, Jiffy?  You fixed it.

  26. MjM

    Jiffy claims: “ It doesn’t cost much”

    So you’v run the numbers, eh? Tell us, then, exactly how much will it cost taxpayers to procure/supply/maintain tampons/dispensers in every bathroom in every state building from Superior to Plattville to Pembine to Kenosha.

    You can round up to the nearest million if you like, and we’ll talk local gov’ments later.

  27. jjf

    From the quoted article:

    She said data shows the cost of providing menstrual products is “significantly less” than the cost of soap, toilet paper, paper towels and other bathroom supplies currently provided.

    So why shouldn’t we be charging for or not supplying all those items?  Public health mumble mumble?  Sounds kind of socialist cradle-to-grave to me.

    So why don’t you see pay toilets in the USA any more?  There’s a reason, and it’s related to all this.

    I’d say a dispenser costs about $300, and the for-pay ones cost more.

    I’d say the cost per possible user is about $5 a year. (Page 401 here.)

    Let’s also consider the cost of free public toilet paper. Anyone care to guess?  One number is also at the page mentioned above, but I can hardly believe it.

    I saw another article that said a MA city of 58,000 spent $40,000 to equip its public buildings, which was 0.0001% of its budget, but there was no hard breakdown between initial install and ongoing costs.

  28. jjf

    Ah, here’s the Brookline numbers.  $40,000 for startup, $7,300 a year.  No count of the number of units – but using the $300 rough number, can we guess 100?

  29. Jason

    >Let’s also consider the cost of free public toilet paper. 


    Liberal logic at it’s finest.  We pay for toilet paper, so we should pay for XYZ.  What’s next on your stupid agenda?  Toothbrushes?  Deodorant?  Curling Irons?  Showers and Towels?  Q-Tips?


    Your non-sequitur questions continue to show your ignorance.

  30. dad29

    No…not ignorance.  Jiffy’s non-sequiturs reveal far worse.

    Personally, I like free Q-Tips.

  31. jjf

    Jason, like it or not, as shown in the “page 401” document linked above, for whatever reason the courts fifty years ago decided it was unreasonable to charge for toilet access, and among the arguments was that men get to use the urinal for free while women would be charged to open the stall door.

    Similarly, there are laws about providing toilet paper and other items in  public bathrooms.  Again, like it or not.  It might’ve happened before you were born.

    As for ignorance, enlighten yourself a little, and read.  Ignorance is often curable.

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