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0824, 11 Jul 19

Kewaskum Looking for New School Board Member

The most interesting part is that he sold his home in 2 hours! Housing is still hot.

KEWASKUM — The Kewaskum School Board is looking for a replacement after member Jay Fischer resigned Monday.

He wrote a letter to board President Mark Sette and fellow board members explaining his decision, and asked for a day to call the members himself before the information was shared.

“The reason for my resignation is that we will be downsizing our home situation and relocating out of the district,” he wrote. After another child graduated and moved out, he and his wife wanted a smaller home, and sold theirs in less than two hours.


0824, 11 July 2019

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  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Kewaskum is in high demand.

    One of safest communities in state.

    Strong Christian base.

    Great parks. Great people.

    Humble leadership.

    Available housing is top question I get as Village President. Builders are building, but don’t have enough workers to go faster.

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