GOP Votes to Increase Spending


Republicans on the Legislature’s budget committee voted Thursday night to increase vehicle title fees by $95 and registration fees by $10 to generate hundreds of millions for Wisconsin road projects in the next state budget.

Altogether, the moves would generate $393 million in new revenue for transportation, a total about $200 million less than Gov. Tony Evers wanted, but more than in any budget signed by former Republican Gov. Scott Walker. Republicans would also use another $90 million from the state’s general fund to pay for road projects, bringing the total new funding to $484 million.

What are we up to now? $1 billion in additional spending? $2 billion? I lost count.

The Walker years were great for a lot of reasons, but one of the areas where he failed was to restrain government spending. Despite the wails to the contrary, government spending went up in every budget in Walker’s terms. Now that we have a Democrat governor, the spending is going to go up even further. The difference is that now the tax and fee increases are going with the spending.

Wisconsin is a tax hell because it’s government spends too much dang money. And nobody plans to change that.