Leftist Judicial Candidate Pledges to Be an Activist Leftist Judge


Judge Jill Karofsky announced her candidacy Thursday. She said she feels America is on the “wrong track” because the judiciary is becoming increasingly politicized and the rule of the law is being ignored for partisan reasons.

“The American judicial system is built on independent judges, not a system in which you decide what political team you’re on,” Karofsky wrote in the announcement. “We can see the corroding effect of big money on our judicial system, and it’s time to restore a sense of justice and honor to our legal system. I will follow the law, and I will protect our Wisconsin values.”

So she decries the politicization of the judiciary and vows to follow the law, but in the SAME STORY we get this:

 “We will serve the needs of crime victims, we will stand up for racial justice and civil rights, we will protect the right to marriage equality, and we will never allow for the rights of women to be rolled back,” Karofsky wrote.

Um, I thought the courts were about following the law? Where is all of this “stand up for [insert liberal cause here]” stuff come from?