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0849, 08 May 19

Water Before Trollies

When they have a point, they have a point.

MILWAUKEE — The Black Panthers and Freshwater for Life Action Coalition joined forces to demand lead laterals be removed from homes in Milwaukee. The activists stormed into City Hall with a jug of water on Tuesday, May 7 for the first of what they promised would be many protests in front of a much larger audience.

“I brought a gallon of water here for you,” said Robert Miranda, Freshwater for Life Action Coalition spokesman. “Milwaukee unfiltered fresh H2O.”

The group interrupted a Milwaukee Common Council meeting to ask city leaders to take a sip.

“Fresh and clean out of the tap that has a lead lateral. We’d like you to come forward and have a drink of this water if you don’t mind,” said Miranda.

The group demanded all lead laterals be quickly removed from homes in the city. They believe those lead laterals are responsible for elevated lead levels in children.

“You’ve got billions of dollars in construction on the upper east side and downtown Milwaukee, but what do you have in the black and brown communities? You have crumbs, and we’re going to sit here and tolerate that?! No. We are not going to tolerate that any longer,” said King Rick, Black Panthers.


0849, 08 May 2019


  1. Merlin

    And yet both the black and brown communities continue to reelect the same politicians that support Barrett’s train to nowhere, grand monuments to wealthy white guy’s professional sports franchises, routine MMSD sewage dumping into their city’s water source, an understaffed MPD and MFD, a grossly dysfunctional public school district, and barely passable city streets.

    Milwaukee has never been run by anything other than democrats and/or socialists and both communities have forever firmly supported their abusers. A good many of their abusers currently come from and represent those very same black and brown communities. What exactly are they not going to tolerate any longer?

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    Barrett has always been the worst liberal racist on this with his trolly advocacy vs. safe drinking water for the city.

    Crickets from Nord on this…who claims to be a drinking water advocate.

  3. Le Roi du Nord


    You have never, ever heard me promote the trolley (yes, that is how it is spelled), yet you have consistently condemned any effort to protect ground water, be it in Kewaunee County or the Central Sands .  Hypocrisy and hyperbole is your MO.

  4. Kevin Scheunemann

    That was not a denouncement of Barrett and his racism.

    Should Barrett be cleaning up his water disaster before he spent money on the street Choo choo?

  5. Le Roi du Nord


    You say this, “Barrett has always been the worst liberal racist on this with his trolly advocacy vs. safe drinking water for the city”, and then this, “That was not a denouncement of Barrett and his racism”.  Which is it?  Did you confuse yourself again, or did you forget what you said earlier?

    Perhaps you could go into some detail (facts would be nice) about the “water disaster” you see.  Compare and contrast the one you perceive in Milwaukee to the real ones in Kewaunee County and the Central Sands.  And explain how the actions of walker and schimel affected those areas.




  6. Jason

    > Which is it?  Did you confuse yourself again, or did you forget what you said earlier?


    Whooosh Leroy, extra loud Whooosh!

  7. Le Roi du Nord


    Perhaps you want to answer for k:  Is it a denouncement of Barrett, or not?  First it was, then it wasn’t.  You pick.

  8. Le Roi du Nord


    FYI.  Before you blame Barrett any further, take note that a proposal to provide $$ to replace lead pipes was removed from the state budget by the R’s.

  9. Jason

    Leroy, is it your stance that the entire state of Wisconsin should pay for replacement of lead water lines in Milwaukee? And do so while the Mayor of that city spent billions on a trolley?

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