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0911, 10 Apr 19

Neubauer Concedes

I’m glad that cooler heads prevailed and she will not put the state through the turmoil of a fruitless recount.

State Appeals Court Judge Lisa Neubauer on Wednesday conceded a race for a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court to her colleague Brian Hagedorn.

The concession comes more than a week after an election during which Neubauer trailed Hagedorn by about 6,000 votes and concludes a bitter competition for the 10-year term.

“I love being a judge. I treasure our state, our judiciary and its role in our democracy but this race was never about me. It was really about the integrity and the independence of our courts,” Neubauer said in an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “We knew it was going to be close. We laid it all out there. We put everything we had into this race.”


But outside spending throughout the race favored Neubauer.

It is worth noting that Neubauer is up for reelection to the Appeals Court next April and she lost every county in that court’s jurisdiction. Some good conservative lawyer or judge should go for it.



0911, 10 April 2019


  1. MjM

    Must have collected enough dollars from her most recent, after-election funding appeal to pay herself back the $250,000 she loaned her campaign.



  2. guinness

    Need more conservatives for school board positions as well, which is way overdue.

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