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0735, 11 Mar 19

No More Conservatives in West Bend

At least, not on the West Bend School Board. Here’s a story this weekend from the Washington County Daily News.

WEST BEND — April 2 will bring an important question to West Bend residents, as well as an opportunity to decide what the West Bend Joint School District’s school board will look like for the foreseeable future. With Ken Schmidt and Tiffany Larson taking a step back, three candidates have begun their campaign to fill those seats on the Board of Education. Paul Fischer, Christopher Bach and Erin Dove will have their names on the April election ballot. They shared their thoughts on the $47 million referendum.

I’ll save you some reading… all of them support the referendum. Once Ken Schmidt leaves the board in a few weeks, there will no longer be any conservatives on the West Bend School Board. Some of the board members may be conservative in their personal lives, but that govern like liberals.

Let’s review… in the past year, the school board has decided to shut down the district’s only charter school. They have given teachers a million-dollar across-the-board pay increase. They abandoned merit pay for teachers. They used the liberal playbook to get a massive spending referendum on the ballot. They were exposed for allowing multiple teachers to use class time to ram liberal ideology down the throats of kids. Meanwhile, enrollment continues to decline and the educational outcomes continue to be mediocre.

Tell me how this behavior is different from what we see in Madison or Milwaukee?


0735, 11 March 2019


  1. Merlin

    Public education behaves as the monopoly that it is. Private education, even in the form of voucher/choice programs is but a nuisance to them. Public education exists primarily to feed a self serving bureaucracy and it matters not whether it is in an urban environment or your sleepy little bedroom towns. The fact that they can successfully run these cons time after time just reinforces in their minds that they’re smarter than the folks they supposedly “serve”.  A sad indictment for sure, but nonetheless true.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    A conservative on a school board is like putting a private property rights advocate on the Venezuelan presidential cabinet.

    It is a torture I would not want.

  3. MHMaley

    Two Conservatives ran in the last election and lost .

    The 2 folks who are running this time also support the referendum .

    If you can’t get Conservative candidates to run , or if they do run and don’t win , how can you complain about the result ?

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