Wisconsin Knows How to Provide Great Education

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Dive Deeper: Wisconsin has a rich history of providing parents and families with education options that best serve their children.

  • Wisconsin is home to the nation’s oldest private voucher program in the country. The Milwaukee Parental Choice Program (MPCP), created with bipartisan support in 1990, now provides education options to 28,000 students in Wisconsin’s largest city.
  • 60,000 students use Wisconsin’s open enrollment program, a form of school choice where students can enroll in another public school district.
  • 42,000 students attend public charter schools – which happen to be some of the highest performing schools in the state.
  • 10,000 students attend private schools in the Racine Parental Choice Program (3,000) and the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program (7,000), new and growing voucher programs.
  • 650 Wisconsin students use the Special Needs Scholarship Program, a program designed to provide low-income students with special needs with the option to attend a private school.

The Facts: School choice in Wisconsin has been the subject of a number of rigorous academic studies and research. Some important findings include: