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2209, 19 Jan 19

Man Defends Castle Like a Boss

Good for the homeowner. I hope he and his family are safe.

Three men are dead after they broke into a home and were met with gun, according to Houston police.

The men reportedly broke into a home in Houston, Texas, around 1 a.m. only to find the homeowner was ready with a firearm and started shooting, Houston police said.

After the homeowner opened fire on the burglars, two of the men escaped in an SUV, another was left dead at the front of the house and the last man, who was wounded, took off on foot.

Houston police said they were able to find the suspect who fled on foot. He was shot in the leg.

The vehicle that left the scene was found crashed into a pole and, police said, a man was found dead inside. Another person that was inside the vehicle appeared to have gotten out and ran but was found down the street and later died.


2209, 19 January 2019

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  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Normally, I would be upset he let 2 get away, but it seems natural selection of criminal idiots took care of itself here.

    Well done!

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