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0733, 12 Dec 18

Keep Fighting Until the Bell Rings

Mark Belling makes some great points on why Walker shouldn’t be shy about signing the bills headed to his desk. Fortunately, it looks like Walker is on the same page.

The only actual opposition to a duly elected Legislature legislating and a still-the-governor governing comes from Democrats and the media who go batty every time a Republican actually does something. This crowd prefers its Republicans to be acquiescent. They like Republicans who don’t make waves. What they don’t like are Republicans who have power and they especially hate Republicans who actually use power. The actual great mass of Republican voters — which is right around half the population of Wisconsin — desperately wants Republicans who will fight.


Republican voters get this. They know the media is in the bag for the Democrats and will try to stop Republicans from ever exercising power. Look at the number they tried on Brett Kavanaugh. Or the nonstop obsession with everything Trump says or does. Or the biased, negative coverage of Walker’s Foxconn deal. What actual Republicans, as opposed to sellouts like Sykes and wimps like McCallum, want is for their side to fight back against this crowd.

There is one barometer that is 100 percent accurate when it comes to Republican politicians. If the media is going batty over what they are doing and the lefties are protesting, heckling and baying at the moon, the Republicans are doing something right.


0733, 12 December 2018


  1. jjf

    And if we build the list of WisGOP water-carriers who spoke up in support of the bill, it’s…  Owen and Belling?

    The media is in the bag for Dems…  except for the Journal who paid a WisGOP water-carrier to be a columnist for years?

    tl;dr:  Walker should sign because it’ll anger everyone who doesn’t like him. Own the libs!

  2. Le Roi du Nord

    The obvious hypocrites are the “conservatives” that were in full throat agreement with McConnell about the Garland nomination.  There is no dodging that albatross.

  3. Jason

    >The obvious hypocrites are the “conservatives” that were in full throat agreement with McConnell about the Garland nomination.  There is no dodging that albatross

    And you have fallen back to the “the other guys do it too” excuse.  Have you no original thought?

  4. Pat

    “The media is in the bag for Dems…”
    Belling, Owen, The Daily Caller, The Blaze, Fox News, Waukesha Freeman, WISN Radio, Limbaugh, O’Donald, and on and on, are all the media.

  5. Le Roi du Nord


    Comprehension, nuance, and irony are troublesome for you, no?

  6. Kevin Scheunemann

    Go Scott!

    And thanks for doing what was good and right last 8 years!

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