Remembering Jeff Wood

Dan O’Donnell takes us down memory lane to remind us what the Democrats did when they were ousted from power in 2010.

So desperate were the outgoing governor and state legislative majority to pass what amounted to a sweetheart deal for some of their biggest political backers that they did what was until then unthinkable—they sprang Jeff Wood from jail so he could vote.

Even though he was serving a 60-day sentence and had drugs in his vehicle during two of his four drunk-driving arrests, a sympathetic judge agreed to let him out on work release for just long enough to be a forgotten man no more.

Eight years later, though, he is forgotten again; an uncomfortable reminder that the Republican-led Legislature’s supposedly unprecedented lame-duck session “power grab” isn’t unprecedented at all.

Frankly, the sanctimonious whining from Democrats is as pathetic as it is hypocritical. They are no stranger to power politics. And what the Republicans have done pales in comparison to what the Democrats tried to do.

The sooner Walker signs the bills that the legislature passed, the sooner the liberals move on to the next manufactured outrage.