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2219, 24 Nov 18

West Bend School Board to Buy More Property

Wow. I see that the West Bend School Board is up to its usual tricks. They gave notice yesterday – the Friday after Thanksgiving – for a special meeting on Monday to vote on spending $750,000 on real estate in Jackson for a possible future school. This is despite presiding over a district with declining enrollment and $130 million in debt. Here’s the rationale:

Regardless of whether the board decides to have a referendum in spring of 2019, the property to the north of our vacant land would make our property a much better site for an elementary building. Furthermore, the purchase of this property would enable the Village of Jackson to move ahead with their plans.

It’s cute how they pretend that they might not go to referendum in spring.

Anyway, be sure to attend if you’re in town. It’s your only chance to weigh in.

The final meeting on Monday is the Regular Board of Education Meeting Monday, Nov. 26, 2018 Location: Education Service Center, 735 S. Main Street, West Bend  Time: 6:30 p.m., Board Room. The meeting is open to the public.
Note: Action Items !. 6:58 Resolution to approve the purchase of certain real property.

2219, 24 November 2018


  1. dad29

    Like the scorpion….Spending Money:  It’s What They Do!

  2. Mark Hoefert

    Between the standard deduction (for couples) going up to $24,000 and a $10,000 cap on the deductibility of State & Local taxes, I wonder how many taxpayers aren’t going to be so “friendly” to tax increases like this as they might have been in the past.  Any increase in taxes (property and state income) isn’t going to be offset to the tune of 32%+ like in the past.  Referendum debt and interest payments kind of get “baked into the cake” going forward – will be there even with enrollment declines, and will never be available to fund future maintenance needs or operating costs (programs, salaries, etc.).

  3. Jason

    I’d agree with that logic Mark, except that we have “Evers” now, and the conservatives will rightly be concerned he will want to claw back those tax reductions and then more.

  4. MjM

    @Daddio… correction: Spending OTHER PEOPLE’S money.

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