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0816, 13 Nov 18

A letter of thanks to Gov. Scott Walker

My column in the Washington County Daily News today is a letter of thanks to Governor Walker. Click through to read the whole thing.

Dear Gov. Scott Walker,

Like many Wisconsinites, I was truly disappointed to see the voters of our state decline to elect you for a third term. I can say with confidence that you have been the most transformational and important governor of my lifetime. We are all currently enjoying the fruits of your efforts with record employment, higher wages, lower taxes and so much more. While your accomplishments over two short terms number in the hundreds, if not thousands, I would like to highlight a few of your achievements for which I am personally particularly thankful.


0816, 13 November 2018


  1. jjf

    And they say the art of writing love letters has been lost!

  2. Le Roi du Nord

    Another case of alternative facts:

    “Now the DNR works with citizens and businesses to help them comply with the law, thus leading to a better citizen experience and better environmental enforcement”.

    Notice of Violation (NOV) down 55% since 2012  (source DNR)

    Referrals to DoJ down 68% since 2012 (source DoJ)

    Groundwater pollution, depletion in multiple areas across the state due to little or no regulation.

    Fewer staff with boots on the ground to work with businesses and citizens (In 2010 there were 3 field wardens in our county.  Now there is 1.) (Source DNR)

    Funding cut to multiple programs (Forestry, Parks, EE, LE, SS, NHI,etc.).  (Source DNR)

    CWD spreading across the state, no plan or response (source Deer Czar)

    Scrubbing any reference to Climate Change/Global Warming from state documents.  (Source DNR, PSC, BPL).

    Denial of science based resource management (source DNR)


  3. Kevin Scheunemann

    Thank you Scott Walker for not assaulting the middle class and poor with the DNR.

    Looks like those DNR attacks will resume where Jim Doyle left off, raping taxpayers that can least afford it.

    We will miss you Scott Walker, you kept the leftist crazies at bay.

    Thank you, again.

  4. jjf

    There are other views on Walker’s management of CWD and deers.

    Walker’s blaze orange is as clean and unused as his Harley leathers.

  5. Le Roi du Nord


    Nope, only the things you refuse to believe.

    From the former director of the Bureau of Wildlife, ” The deer czar has set back whitetail deer management by 75 years”.

  6. Kevin Scheunemann

    Set back see management by 75 years?

    BS. There are plenty of deer jumping in front of my car. Over managed, we need to kill more, if anything.

    So some mud puddles became a golf course. Good call.

    You are out to punish everyone with your thuggish environmental religion, aren’t you?

  7. Le Roi du Nord

    As I have always said, you can believe whatever nonsense you want.  I’ll go with facts.

    And no, religion isn’t involved.  That is all in your noggin.

  8. Jason

    I know this isn’t going to end anywhere but in a circle…. but fuck it, I’m bored.


    Hey Leroy, if you can get your thick head out of your enormous northern ass…


    You linked to an article about Lake Michigan dunes and the Kohler golf course…  I did a word search, 0 hits for deer, 0 hits for chronic wasting disease.  Just like you, “0 for-ever”.


    As you always say … “you can believe whatever nonsense you want.  I’ll go with facts”

  9. Jason

    Oh and in a vain attempt to help your stumbling, mumbling tow-headed hick self out…


    Here’s your exact quote..

    >”CWD spreading across the state, no plan or response”

    And I did in fact link to an actual DNR website with an actual DNR plan and response.  Lies, bald headed lies, just like always.


  10. Le Roi du Nord


    It was an E X A M P L E.  Read it slowly.

    And since you linked to a current DNR site, controlled by the walkerites, you of all people should realize your folly.  No back to being bored.  And watch your potty mouth.

  11. Jason

    >There are other views on Walker’s management of CWD and deers

    I don’t disagree that there are “other views” on Walker’s management of CWD and deer(s).  However, if you’re done giving LeRoy a handjob, he stated “”CWD spreading across the state, no plan or response”“.  That’s not taken out of context and that’s not paraphrased.  Those are his actual words.  And I responded with the DNR’s own website with their PLAN and RESPONSE.

    He’s full of shit, like always, and you’re licking him like a lolli-pop.

  12. Jason

    >It was an E X A M P L E.  Read it slowly.

    No it wasn’t an example.  It was alternative facts. Man you really are a waste of any effort.   Still “0 for-ever”.

  13. MHMaley

    Can someone explain to me how this magnificent man with all these
    marvelous accomplishments lose to the charisma challenged Tony Evers ?

  14. dad29

    If you read the article about “pressure” to build a golf course, you’ll find that someone “thinks that perhaps” damage will occur.  And then along comes another person who ‘thinks that perhaps’ damage will occur.

    Well.  I think that perhaps reading too much of LLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEROY’s babbling will damage young and old minds.

    See??  Anyone can play that game.

  15. Jason

    >Well.  I think that perhaps reading too much of LLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEROY’s babbling will damage young and old minds.


    Wait, was that an E X A M P L E?  Someone here is really having trouble understanding that concept.

  16. Kevin Scheunemann


    That is easy. The liberal lunatic UW plan to register people without verifying their citizenship worked perfectly!

  17. MjM

    Nort lies even more : “And no, religion isn’t involved. ”

    “To me and to many people in Wilson, it’s a sacred place.” – Mary Faydash, Wilson resident, retired teacher, and “former anti-Vietnam War activist from the 1960s and ‘70s”.

    Quoted in the article cited by Nortumous.

    An article written by an author who’s MPR Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism is represented by the same Madison based lawyer who filed the lawsuit against Kohler for Faydash’s group, Friends of the Black River Forest.

    A better headline: “Former Entrenched Leftist Goverment Workers Complain About The New Boss”

    But for true nuttery, review the words of retired wetland ecologist Pat Trochlell….

    “Ah! There is water in the wetlands! So I think all the rain helped in getting these wetlands really wet.”

    “I shouldn’t be standing on these [dunes]. These are really sensitive here.”

    “I was told that if we didn’t sign off on these permits, we would be … moved to another job or fired. I THINK THAT’S HOW I INTERPRETED IT.” [emphasis added]

    Remember, you are paying for this woman’s retirement.

  18. jjf

    Come on, Dad29, tell us the foundations and details of your philosophy about preserving unique ecosystems on public lands.  How do you think decisions should be made?

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