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0843, 18 Oct 18

School Districts Fight to Avoid Tax Cut

From MacIver

[Madison, Wisc…] Homeowners in 148 school districts across Wisconsin will be getting an unexpected tax cut next year, but many of those districts would prefer to keep that a secret – and backfill those savings with new spending.

The reason for the tax cut is the termination of the Energy Efficiency Exemption (EEE). This loophole allowed school districts to raise taxes for supposed energy efficiency projects without going to referendum.

The energy savings on many of these projects is negligible. It will be decades before the savings justify the expense – which was considerable. Last year alone, districts collected an additional $92.3 million through the EEE. With the program eliminated, property taxes in those 148 school districts will automatically drop $92.3 million.

However, 21 of those districts see this as an opportunity to downplay the true tax impact of their referendums on next month’s ballot. For example, the Hartford J1 School District has a referendum for $5.5 million. According to the district’s website, “If the referendum is approved, there would be no impact on current school tax rates over the life of the 15-year borrowing term.”

Southern Door County Schools has a $6,270,000 building referendum that “would not increase your taxes over current levels.”

The Edgerton School District has been more transparent about this tactic than most. It’s trying to convince local residents that a $40.6 million building referendum plus a $1.25 million recurring annual operating referendum will only raise their tax rate by less than a dollar. The finance director, Todd Wehner, openly describes this tactic as a “levy opportunity or a levy shelf.”


0843, 18 October 2018


  1. Jason

    But but but, children Owen, children!   The left cares deeply about a child’s education.  They must be cared for if after the mother decided not to kill them before their first breath!  The survivors are our most precious and cherished societal treasures!

  2. Le Roi du Nord

    “The energy savings on many of these projects is negligible.”

    Har, har.  Our district saves $1000’s year, with a < 10 year ROI.

  3. MjM

    Nort chirps: “Har, har.

    Well then,  I am sure you would be happy to enlighten us all with actual accounting numbers, Oh Great Elected Official.

    We await.

  4. dad29

    Maybe in LeNort’s district, they installed windows to replace the blankets used previously.  THAT would explain a lot.

  5. Le Roi du Nord

    It was an LED lighting project.  There, now I provided twice as much info as “The energy savings on many of these projects is negligible.”

    Why do I always have to your homework for you?

  6. Jason

    >Our district saves $1000’s year, with a It was an LED lighting project

    I hope it was a lot less than 10 year ROI as led bulbs usually are rated at 10 year lifespan… if lit for only 3 hours per day.

  7. MjM

    Nort tap dances: “It was an LED lighting project….”

    WHOAH!  Such a plethora of information there, Nortumous.   However shall we handle it all?

    Still waiting, numbnutz.

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