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1300, 14 Oct 18

UWO Staff Frets about Cuts Despite Decline in Enrollment

This is funny. A professor whines about staff cuts.

OSHKOSH (WLUK) –Concerns among UW-Oshkosh faculty are rising as the school plans to reduce positions.

“The impact is going to be on the students, and that’s unfortunate,” said political science professor, David Siemers.

Siemers said faculty work load would go up; he blames the significant reduction in state support.

“This is an intentional financial crisis of the states choosing, we didn’t create that problem,” said Siemers.

Siemers said more classes for each faculty member means less attention for each student, and a less quality education.


“We’re down about 1,800 students undergraduate students in the last five years. So as a result we simply cannot support the same size faculty and staff,” said Leavitt.

Looking at the 6 fall semesters prior to the current one, there was a 15% decline in enrollment. The university said that’s essentially a loss of nearly $10 million.

It seems to me that the UWO staff has been enjoying a reduced workload for years without nary a peep. Now that the school is finally (way too slow) taking a tiny bit of action to rightsize the staffing level to the number of students, Professor Siemers is fretting. Whatever.


1300, 14 October 2018


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Typical whiney liberal professor.

    I am not surprised at all.

  2. Le Roi du Nord


    Have you ever met Siemers?  Ever talked to him?  Taken a class from him?  How do you know he is a liberal?  Or did you just make that up?  I am not surprised at all.

  3. Jason

    Looks like a David J Siemers of Oshkosh signed a certain recall petition a few years back.  Maybe Kev is just an intuitive person?

  4. Kevin Scheunemann


    I judge actions.

    A conservative professor would say this is a job well done and expose the laziest of his fellow colleagues.

    This was a easy as diagnosing the flavor cake I had this PM.

    I cannot help you are blind to simple basic cues. I try to help, but you seem to reject my helpfulness.

  5. jjf

    “It seems to me that the UWO staff has been enjoying a reduced workload for years without nary a peep.”

    Is there any evidence to support this claim?


  6. Merlin

    This might also have something to do with the fact that UW Oshkosh has recently been told by a federal bankruptcy judge that they are responsible for covering their private foundation’s $15 million financial debt scandal involving building projects. The UW System declined more than a year ago to help retire that debt, leaving UWO to their own resources.

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