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1947, 01 Oct 18

Al Gore to Run Tesla?

It’s starting to look like Mark Belling was a genius for shorting Tesla stock.

Former US Vice President Al Gore could be a good fit to replace Elon Musk as chairman, according to one longtime tech analyst.

Gene Munster, venture capitalist at Loup Ventures, said Gore would be able to use the role to get Musk, who is still CEO of Tesla, in line.

Musk agreed to resign as Tesla chairman within 45 days as part of his settlement with the SEC.

Munster said Gore would be a worthwhile candidate as he has served on Apple’s board of directors since 2003 and is a prominent figure in the alternative energy industry.

‘The open board chairperson role creates an opportunity for Tesla to potentially put someone in place that is capable of influencing Musk and helping Tesla reach sustainability,’ said Munster, who is a noted Tesla bull.


1947, 01 October 2018


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Al Gore will destroy it.

  2. jonnyv

    Well… since you wrote this Tesla has jumped up 30+ points. So maybe Belling isn’t so smart… yet. I have a handful of shares I have had for a while now in TSLA.

  3. Owen

    I suspect that it’s up on news of Musk stepping down – not on any news of a replacement.

  4. Merlin

    This decision is a puzzler.

    Musk is an ideas guy who doesn’t know squat about manufacturing automobiles for profit, so removing him makes sense. Al Gore is not only not an ideas guy, but he also knows squat about manufacturing for profit. Why not hire a car guy to, you know, build cars? Musk can contribute ongoing innovation, but let somebody else deal with the mechanics of churning out product for profit.

    I guess Gore’s selection is somewhat sensical if your long term strategy includes seeking a government bailout… as long as they also hire some car guys to push product in the meantime.

  5. Merlin

    Not a done deal, but still a bad idea.

  6. jonnyv

    I would agree that it is probably not a good idea to bring in Gore. And he has already said that he isn’t interested interested in the Chairman position.

    But, I think that the numbers are up on the fact that they pushed out like 53K vehicle deliveries beating estimates.

  7. jonnyv

    Possible Paul, but I also heard that they addressed a lot of that with more manual (and less robot) labor. I know of 2 people that have them that love them and have had no problems. Both have gotten them within the last 2 months. It is a wait and see game.

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