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0730, 11 Aug 18

Joyride in a Plane

I’ll bet you $4.20 that the dude was high.

It isn’t immediately clear. However, an audio recording of the conversations he had with air traffic control give some insight into what happened on the plane after the Horizon Air employee took off.

In the recording, the man can be heard starting to worry about how much fuel he had on board. He also suggests he could land the aircraft by himself because he had played “some video games”.

The man, who is referred to by what is believed to be his first name, also discusses:

  • The co-ordinates for the orca carrying her dead calf on her back

  • Looking at the view and possibly going to look at the Olympic Mountains, in Washington State

  • If he can do a barrel roll before landing and “calling it a day”

  • Whether or not Alaska Airlines would give him a job after a successful landing


0730, 11 August 2018


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