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1020, 29 Jul 18

Sensenbrenner Works

Congressman Sensenbrenner – my congressman – is one of those politicians that argues against term limits.

Among our most basic tasks as Members of Congress is to cast votes on legislation before the House of Representatives. I take this duty very seriously because it is a way for my constituents in the 5th Congressional District to have a voice in Washington. In 2018, the House of Representatives voted 379 times, and I’m proud to report that I cast a vote each and every time.

Sometimes Members might miss a vote because of family demands, travel snafus or illness. However, I have a perfect record this year. In fact, since 2010, I’ve compiled a 99.5 percent voting record.

My commitment to being present for votes and making myself accessible to my constituents is important for how I manage my priorities. During the 115th Congress, I’ve hosted 176 face-to-face town hall meetings. I’ve also received and responded to more than 100,000 different letters, emails, and phone calls. The feedback I get from my constituents helps with the difficult decisions I’m often faced with when I vote. This is how the system should work. I appreciate it when I hear from those whom I represent when they are sharing their opinions and concerns.

Despite being in Congress since I was five-years-old, he still works both in and out of the district. I see him at local events. His Town Halls are always fantastic. He has a mastery of issues and actively engages with constituents. And he shows up for work in Washington. I run into him at the airport occasionally on his commute to Washington (he’s a Delta guy like me), and he is always working.

I don’t always agree with my Congressman, but I appreciate that he works so hard on my behalf.


1020, 29 July 2018


  1. dad29

    To my great surprise, he has a primary opponent!!  The lady is a pediatrician, has a bunch of chilluns, and is a RINO, too.

    It’s worth remembering that Sensenbrenner is NOT in a “solid red” district; looking at the NYTimes’ very good ward-by-ward breakdown of Presidential votes (Trump/Hildebeeste)–if one uses that as a model–Sensen has to work hard.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    Sensenbrenner just handled a huge bureaucratic issue which resulted in the ultimate unicorn an apology from a government agency for being wrong in writing.

    He has my vote all day long!

  3. MHMaley

    He walked into my office in 1992 and was turning to leave when we saw a life size Bill Clinton
    Figure but he stayed and we talked for half an hour .

    I don’t agree with him on just about anything but he does hold regular meetings and allows real debate – a concept foreign to our locals reps to state offices .

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