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0742, 27 Jul 18

Q2 GDP Growth Hits 4.1%


Gross domestic product grew at a solid 4.1 percent pace in the second quarter, its best pace since 2014, boosting hopes that the economy is ready to break out of its decade-long slumber.

The number matched expectations from economists surveyed by Reuters and was boosted by a surge in consumer spending and business investment.

That’s the fastest rate of the growth since the third quarter of 2014 and the third-best growth rate since the Great Recession. In addition to the strong second quarter, the Commerce Department revised its first-quarter reading up from 2 percent 2.2 percent.


0742, 27 July 2018


  1. MHMaley

    No mention of exports being bought before the tariffs kicked in?

  2. Kevin Scheunemann


    Non-issue for EU.    Can’t celebrate that conservativsm in economic policy works, can you?

  3. MHMaley

    Cutting taxes and simultaneously putting tariffs on is now conservative economic policy ?

  4. MHMaley

    9400% increase in soy bean purchases and deficit increasing tax cuts are a sugar high for Americans before the Blood sugar crash

  5. Kevin Scheunemann


    Article was about surge in GDP growth, not trade.

    I’m not thrilled about tarriffs either, but Trump is getting concessions from EU, so that is a big win already.


  6. Le Roi du Nord

    Looks like this is the best GDP increase in 4 years, not the “decades” that trump claims.  I’m sure back in 2014 few of the folks on this site would be crowing about those numbers.

  7. Paul

    Sort of like you and three 500-year floods in a year.

    Idiot fossil.

  8. dad29

    When you learn to read, Nord-ish, you’ll note that Trump’s comment is EXACTLY correct.  So go back and try reading it again.  ALL of it.  BTW, when you learn to read, you might be dangerous.

    Only twits could propose that soybean sales jacked the GDP by anything more than .01 of a percent.  Further, tax reductions/deficit increases are a net wash to GDP.

  9. Mark Hoefert

    In a different forum the excitement seems to be that the rolling 4 quarter average is 3.1% growth.

    @ Nord:  Looks like this is the best GDP increase in 4 years, not the “decades” that trump claims.

    The “experts” were wrong too. And this was 2 Quarters ago.

    There’s no disagreement that a sustained GDP growth rate of 3% would be a significant achievement. Over the past decade, the economy has grown at an average of about 2% a year. The Congressional Budget Office forecasts an annual average of about 1.9% well into the next decade.

    These 25 so-called “Economic Experts” claimed the U.S. hasn’t had sustained real annual growth (that is, over inflation) of better than 3% since the 1990s, with a brief spurt in 2004 and 2005. Trump making up the difference from 2% to more than 3% looks like a pipe dream.

  10. MHMaley

    4.1% ? Only 5 x since 2009 it wasn’t exceeded .
    That’s like having the 6th best batting average in
    10 years .
    Good , but just good .

  11. dad29

    Maley you are free to leave the country.  I hear Venezuela’s looking for citizens to replace the 5K/day that are fleeing.

  12. Le Roi du Nord

    dud : I heard the words directly from his mouth, “biggest in decades”. So are you telling me what I heard him utter was wrong? How1984 of you

  13. dad29

    CBS News:

    President Trump gathered reporters and his top advisers Friday morning at the White House to tout the “amazing” second quarter economic growth of 4.1 percent, the fastest rate since 2014.

    We’re on track to hit the highest annual average growth rate in 13 years,” Mr. Trump claimed.

    You have to hear ALL the words, so turn up your hearing aids, Nordski.

  14. MHMaley

    Your boy in importing KGB fascism to this country and I should run to Venezuela?

    I’ll stay to fight what the candy asses of the Right don’t have the balls to do .

  15. Le Roi du Nord

    CBS isn’t the only source of news. T-rump had a second chance after everybody told he was wrong. Even jr messed it up. Regardless, it was another example of shoot first, aim later.

  16. Jason

    Why don’t you act like a man and quote what you have issue with from the transcript of his speech. Based on the past year plus of your trolling, you wont. You’ll point out some grammatical issue or spelling issue with this instead, and hide for the next discussion. Your nickname is Average Joe for a reason.

  17. Le Roi du Nord

    J: I did quote from a piece I heard on the radio . If you think that is fake news, good for you. But I heard it with my very own ears, and have not yet succumbed to 1984.

  18. dad29

    Your boy in importing KGB fascism

    Obama preferred fascism, not to mention Sharia.

    Perhaps you have an example or two of “Trump Fascism” you’d like to share with all of us.

    Meantime, keep buying ammo–if your wife lets you, of course.

  19. Pat

    You should ignore Dud29 as he’s just another Wackobird. And as some semi wise individual stated on another site, “Maybe just ignoring the idiot Wackobirds is the best play. They can come up with all their inane “arguments,” but when all you do is smile and move on, they won’t get the dopamine of a ‘win.’ Then they’ll either go away, or escalate.”

  20. MHMaley

    Conspiring with our enemies while provoking our friends , loving the second amendment while attempting to censor the free press is a start .

    Trump will be the first fascist unwilling to serve in his own armies , a unique blend of power grabbing and cowardice .

    As for guns, only chaps and will small male appendages and smaller IQ’s need those .

  21. dad29

    “Conspiring with enemies….provoking….second amendment….”

    NONE of that has anything to do with fascism.  I’m not surprised at your ignorance, just disappointed.

    As to ‘censoring….free press’, ah….nope.  He calls them out for their insanity, but that’s not “censorship.”

    Letting your wife write the last sentence is very nice of you.

  22. Jason

    > I did quote from a piece I heard on the radio…

    So find the exact phrase in the transcript then. Pretty simple task for a simple public official. Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

  23. Le Roi du Nord

    J: like I said earlier, I don’t care what you want to believe, but why get your undies all twisted about this when others on this site are making stuff all the time? Just because you and I may listen to different radio stations doesn’t make me wrong, so calm down.

  24. Jason

    I’m calm as can be. Just proving that your as asshat gasbag who never backs up his shots. If anyone is getting itchy under the collar at the attention, its obviously you.

    If you really didn’t care what people want to believe you wouldn’t waste your time here. Still waiting, Average Joe.

  25. MHMaley

    Use the Google machone to learn about Fascism and spend some time on the actions of a chap named Mussolini .

    You must be a young father New to concepts of the mid last century but I’m always here to help .

  26. Paul

    Put the bottle down, Maley.

    You’re such an embarrassment as a man, your kids prefer vag.

  27. Paul

    Jason busts the Nazi troll lying again.

  28. jjf

    Come on, Dad29.  What twisted version of fascism is in your head?  Obama’s out of office.  Did he immanentize your eschaton?  Sharia law ruled the land until Donald raised his right hand?  And now you can’t imagine that Trump is aiming for fascism more than Barry ever was?

  29. dad29

    Evidently Maley’s wife stopped helping him with his homework.

    Fascism is a system of government.  Mussolini was a head of state.  Ask your Ph.D. wife if those are different.


  30. MHMaley

    Referring to my wife or family in any way is beneath you .
    As for your parsing Fascism as not having its disciples , sure – if you say so

    The candy ass troll who fashions himself a nickel and dime TV gangster is , as always shows himself to be a callow coward , hiding in in his mom’s basement.

  31. Le Roi du Nord


    I’ve proved more comments than anyone here, so quit your whining.  If you want to say I didn’t hear that, go ahead.  I notice you never call out any of the alleged “conservatives” on this site, but now want proof from me.  Your hypocritical panties are showing again.


    True, fascism is a form of authoritarian  government, and Mussolini was the head of the government.  Cherry picking facts will come back to bite you…..

  32. dad29

    So, Nordski, you’re zero for two on this thread.  Well done!

  33. Le Roi du Nord


    So fascism isn’t a form of authoritarian government?  And Mussolini wasn’t the head of said government in Italy?  Do tell us more…….

  34. dad29

    You are confused.  Must be past your bed time, old man.  Try to follow the comments and if you must, write them down in sequence, then study, then post your response.

    But be sure to get some rest first.

  35. Le Roi du Nord


    So ya got nothing.  Figures.

  36. Jason

    >I’ve proved more comments than anyone here, so quit your whining.  If you want to say I didn’t hear that, go ahead.

    Average Joe:

    So ya got nothing.  Figures.

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