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0924, 19 Jun 18

Thousands of Cases of Potential Voter Fraud after 2016 Election

Good reporting from MacIver. Fortunately, we have enacted some voter integrity measures since then.

MADISON, Wis. – Almost a thousand cases of potential election day registration fraud were referred to district attorneys across Wisconsin following the 2016 general election, and questions remain over thousands more voters who can’t be located or verified, according to data from the state Elections Commission.

All together, 368,392 people registered to vote on election day in November 2016. When the state sent postcards to their addresses to verify their residency after the election, 10,461 came back as undeliverable. Local officials claim they were able to reconcile all but 3,871 of them. That means, officially, 3,871 voters in the 2016 election cannot be verified and potentially voted illegally. Unofficially, there could be as many as 10,461 cases of voter fraud from the 2016 election due to election day registrations (EDR) alone.

Municipalities in Milwaukee County take that possibility seriously. A total of 44,797 people registered to vote on election day in Milwaukee County, and 2,563 postcards bounced back. When all was said and done, the City of Milwaukee referred 886 cases of potential voter fraud to the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office after deactivating the individuals’ registrations. An additional 32 cases were referred by the city of Greenfield, for a total of 918 in Milwaukee County.

Milwaukee County assistant district attorney Bruce Landgraf did not return calls asking how many cases were opened in response to the mountain of referrals following the 2016 election.


0924, 19 June 2018


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Big surprise.   Vote fraud in Milwaukee County….

    Just glad liberals did not muster enough vote fraud to beat Trump.

  2. Merlin

    Good news until you consider that Landgraf’s office prioritizes potential voter fraud lower than the least offensive nuisance crimes. Don’t hold your breath expecting them to expend resources chasing ghosts. Those referrals are going nowhere.

  3. NHolland

    This is concerning but not nearly as concerning as the Trump campaign member meetings with the Russians. It seems everyday someone else is dragged out of the closet. The latest, Roger Stone. Yep, another one that forgot the meeting they participated in but it all came back when the evidence was put on the deck. How many traders need to be charged, convicted and sentenced before people realize Trump is just a communist puppet. For all I know these 10,461 votes were illegally cast in favor of Trump by Russians. This is the real fraud after the 2016 election.

  4. jjf

    The story missed an obvious question, doesn’t it?

    To register to vote, you need to supply proof of residence.

    So the clerks accepted some proof of residence, but by the time they checked via a post card, it was returned?  How long between the vote and the verification?  So the proof wasn’t valid?  Or someone legitimately moved and because they couldn’t be traced, they get removed?

    So this happened to about one percent of new voters.

  5. Kevin Scheunemann


    Trump and Russians is greatest Red Herring in history.

    Anything to take focus off corrupt Hillary campaign and liberal deep state actions trying to solidify the power of freedom hating Marxists.

    Did you read FBI report? It was appalling what FBI was doing to influencing election for Hillary!

    If there was such thing as Russian collusion , we should thank Russians!

  6. Le Roi du Nord


    To quote stevegg, “Proof has nothing to do with it.”

  7. Pat

    Kevin just jumped the shark.

  8. NHolland

    A “Red Herring” except for the admissions and convictions!
    You speak with a forked tongue.
    News flash… Hillary Lost!

  9. dad29

    What’s beginning to be clear is this:  the FBI (and CIA) were sending snitches/spies at a wide range of Trump campaign people and hangers-on, hoping to find one that would take the bait.

    They found exactly one, Papadopolos, a kid looking for his Big Break in London.

    The ACTUAL Russians didn’t send the spies, nor did the ACTUAL Russians try to influence Trump & CO., because the ACTUAL Russians knew–like all the other Very Smart People–that Trump would lose.  The ACTUAL Russians didn’t need Trump.

  10. NHolland

    Nope, no Russians here… Wait, except for those in the meetings with JR., Kushner, Manafort, “Papadopoulos”(still working on that spelling he is), Page and Cohen. Oops, forgot the latest… Stone. Who can name the ACTUAL Russians? And let’s not forget about the Russian hacking that managed to compromise many County Clerks offices throughout the country. So, according to the spelling genius the FBI and CIA were sending snitches (how could they be snitches if there was nothing to snitch about?) and spies right into Russia. Right into meetings with ranking Russian officials.
    Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt!… Have another!

  11. Pat

    Looks like Dud just jumped the shark with Kevin.

  12. NHolland

    My apologies, how could I possibly forget Flynn and Gates!

  13. NHolland

    Oops, imagine that… My memory must be as bad as Sessions or Scaramucci. That’s two more but no where near done… Caputo, Farage, Prince and Smith(RIP… Hmmm).

  14. Kevin Scheunemann

    One Meeting Cushner has swung election?

    What a laugh!

    The FBI was actively working to collide in election and still failed!

    Anyone that stands with the Marxist FBI deep state stands with evil.

  15. NHolland

    ACTUAL Russians…
    Sergei Kislyak, Natalia Veselnitskya, Rinat Akhmetshin, Ike Kaveladze, Anatoly Samochornov, Arcadiy Dvorkovich, Igor Sechin, Sergei Gorkov, Sergei Lavrov, Alexandra Kazalupov, Araz Agalarev, Sergei Millian………..

  16. NHolland

    “One Meeting”
    “What a laugh”
    Dec. 2015- Michael Flynn
    April 2016- Trump/Kislyak
    May 2016- Putin/”Papadopoulos”
    June 2016- Jr./Veselnitskya,Akhmetshin,Kaveladze,Samochornov
    July 2016- Page/Dvorkovich,Sechin
    July2016- Sessions/Kislyak
    August 2016- Cohen/undisclosed in Prague
    Sept. 2016- Sessions/Kislyak
    To name a few… What a laugh!

  17. Kevin Scheunemann


    You insult every Trump voter by implying they are a Russian dupe.

    You personify the reason liberals must be stopped from destroying this great nation.

    The only ones working to undermine the election was Hillary and her ilk in the deep state.    It amplifies the incompetence of government when the legal deep state of U.S. was spying on trump campaign, plotted to destroy his campaign, and still could not do it!

    Focus.   We have U.S. citizens abusing their government power trying to elect liberal evil.

    That is the nuclear scandal here!

    Who cares about campaign meetings with russians.   We can list just as many Hillary meetings with Russians, like you did, and her foundation took money from them!

    So get off your Red Herrings.   They bore me.

  18. NHolland

    The Red Herring could, should and will slap you right in the face and you will still be in denial.
    Did you watch any of the hearings yesterday? It was the conservatives on the panel that looked like fools.
    Hillary Smillary!
    Schmoozing Schmucks bores me!
    And if you think I give a shit about insulting Trump voters, all 62 million of them, 19% of the population then I would say lay off the Filnt water.

  19. jjf

    Wow, no response to my simple questions.

    Here’s another.  So if I’d registered, supplied proof of residence that was accepted, voted, had my address checked via postcard like this, and then what?  If I hadn’t been struck and I tried to vote in the next election, I need to show an ID, and it won’t match.  So I need to re-register or update my record?

    This sounds like a fairly simple business process problem.  People move. It’s allowed. There can be errors and glitches you can’t even imagine until you’ve implemented it. You can refine your process and try to improve.

    It’s like you’re wishing for a government database that shows everyone’s location at any moment.

  20. Jason

    Your simple questions are answered in the simple article… try reading it instead of trolling.

    And this….
    >So this happened to about one percent of new voters.

    Is just appallin, isn’t it? Nearly 4000 votes that potentially are invalid! All we have heard between the wailing and gnashing of teeth from liberals is how voter id laws could possibly disenfranchise even a single voter. And here today we have one of those simple tooth gnashers trying to write off 4000 invalid votes as no big deal! Hypocritical troll.

  21. dad29

    The traitors within the FBI and DOJ have managed to take over the rather weak brain of some NH character here.  Like Foust, he can and should be ignored.

  22. jjf

    Jason, can you explain?  A prospective voter gives a clerk some form of proof of residence.  The proof is examined and accepted.  They vote.  What went wrong?

    As for the one percent…  Given an average database of addresses, how quickly do they go stale?  How many people move in a year without a forwarding address?  How many move without leaving a trail in some database?  How about that post-vote matching and verification process…  how do you know you have the right person?  Can there be errors in your method?  Are postcards infallible?

  23. Jason

    Read the article or ask your mommie to, your questions are answered. I’m not a baby sitter.

  24. jjf

    OK, Jason doesn’t want to play.  Anyone else think all my questions are answered in the MacIver article?

  25. Le Roi du Nord


    Looks like you stumped them all.  Bravo!

  26. jjf

    I’ll answer a few of my own questions – you know, the work that MacIver didn’t want to do because of their ideological bias.

    In 2007 the US Census estimated that a person moves more than eleven times in their lifetime.  From :

    Between 2012 and 2013, 28 million Americans 15 and older moved — that’s 11 percent of the population in that age group. But when you take a closer look at who they were, you see there’s a lot more to it than age. The wealthiest individuals are the most likely to stay put: 7 percent of Americans with an annual income of $100,000 or more moved, compared to 13 percent of those earning $5,000 or less.

    So the poor move twice as often as the rich?

    I found other sources that suggest the 11% estimate is historically low; that i recent times it’s been more than 14%.

    As for the usefulness of change-of-address, here’s another take from a marketer:

    It is critical for a list owner to understand these statistics. You can see how quickly a mailing list becomes stale. Nearly 33 percent of the people who move do not report their new address to the U.S. Postal Service, the compiler of the National Change of Address (NCOA) file. Because of narrow restrictions regarding the use of the NCOA file, and the unreported moves, that list updating process probably catches only 50 percent of the new moves. 

  27. jjf

    Your model and plan for managing voter databases might also take some other trends into account (from the same source as above):

    Out of a population of 282,556,000 people, 40,093,000 moved. That’s an overall percentage of 14.19 percent annually.These 40-plus-million people break down as follows:23,468,000 moved within the same county,7,728,000 moved to a different county within the same state,7,628,000 moved to a different state, and1,269,000 moved to a different country.The percentage of population that moves, when broken down by age, varies considerably – from a low of 1.55 percent to a high of 17.84 percent. Not only does the number of moves vary by age, so does the distance of the move.Around 4 percent of those over the age of 65 will move to a new county, yet approximately 30 percent of those aged 20-29 will move to a new county.


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