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2229, 14 Jun 18

Alleged Rapist Charged for 18-year-old Crime

Thank goodness they have tracked him down, but it looks like law enforcement has some explaining to do on why it took so long.

BELOIT – State prosecutors charged an imprisoned sex offender Thursday with sexually assaulting a teen more than a decade ago in the state’s third criminal case arising from a massive effort to test old rape kits.

Jason Smith, 41, faces two counts of sexual assault of a child while armed with a dangerous weapon. If convicted, a judge could add 70 years to his existing 50-year prison sentence.

Court records say the new charges stem from a report by a 13-year-old girl to the Beloit Police Department on July 18, 2000. She said she had been raped in an alley by a black man with a gun.


That evidence — her rape kit — identified Smith in March this year through DNA matching, court records say. The kit specifically contained sperm with his DNA that had been collected from the teen’s body 18 years earlier.

Beloit police officials declined to comment Thursday on how the teen’s rape kit had been handled. On the Beloit Police Department’s Facebook page, Chief David Zibolski called the case “an extraordinary win for justice.”


2229, 14 June 2018


  1. Kevin Scheunemann


    And then a pay per view execution benefiting victim, would be my plan for this piece debris.

  2. NHolland

    So much for civilized Christian culture… Wow, really… Pay per view execution. I take I you’ve never watched someone die.
    Castration doesn’t work. Sexual pleasure or orgasm happens in the brain not between the legs.
    Recently watched a documentary about this issue. Shelved rap kits are a nation wide problem. The bigger problem is the lack of priority which rap cases/women victims were given. I will try and find the name of the documentary if anyone is interested. I’m anticipating responses like troll, sock puppet, twat, jackwad etc. etc. but I won’t be discouraged by stupid!

  3. NHolland


  4. Kevin Scheunemann

    We can use pay per view proceeds to fund better processing of kits and backlog.

    I’m a solutions type guy.

  5. NHolland

    Scheunemann, you may just be onto something!
    We could start by having live streaming video of Manafort locked away in his little cell.

  6. Kevin Scheunemann

    No one would pay for that.

  7. NHolland

    You’re right… Manafort just isn’t worth it.

  8. Kevin Scheunemann

    Why are you drawing attention from this criminal rapist in Beloit?

    Are you PR for criminals that victimize children these days?

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