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0909, 06 Jun 18

Fake Republican Runs for Sheriff in Dodge County

From RightWisconsin.

Recall petition signer challenges incumbent Sheriff in Republican Primary

In what appears to be a move of revenge from the disgruntled former sheriff of Dodge County, Dodge County Sheriff’s Lieutenant James Ketchem of Horicon filed nomination papers to challenge incumbent Sheriff Dale Schmidt in the August Republican primary.

However, my Dodge County Republican friends may want to know that this isn’t the first time James Ketchem has signed a nomination paper. Both he and his wife, Carrie, signed the Walker Recall Petition on December 2, 2011.

To make this situation even uglier, according to the Campaign Finance Registration, Ketchem’s treasurer is Doug Ninmann, the husband of the former Dodge County Sheriff, Pat Ninmann, who was appointed sheriff in 2013 but was defeated by Schmidt in the 2014 Republican Primary. Ninmann refused to lose gracefully, instead choosing to run as a write-in in the November General Election, losing to Schmidt yet again. Apparently, the Ninmanns want one more kick at Sheriff Dale Schmidt.


0909, 06 June 2018


  1. jjf

    Golly, with all the convincing results from Walker’s administration, we shouldn’t allow the possibility that anyone who signed the petition seven years ago couldn’t have changed their mind about him by now?

    Or even admit that people might’ve signed for other reasons that not being Republican?

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    Signing burns your Republican card as a serious Republican candidate.

    Vote fine. Running for office, actions have consequences.

  3. jjf

    I believe Walker used the recall petitions to even dig into the family tree of his staffers.  They were called on the carpet to explain why their relatives might’ve signed.  Quite USSR-like.

  4. Kevin Scheunemann

    Anyone who signed should be called on carpet for signing.

    It was a needless waste of time over simple policy disagreement.

    Recall should only be for misconduct in office.

  5. jjf

    But investigating the family members of employees – that’s fair game, right?

  6. Kevin Scheunemann

    That is unsubstantiated smearing and speculation on your part.

    Anyone, anywhere, deserves to be criticized for signing Walker recall.   If someone does a very public political act, like trying to destroy the greatest leader in WI history, that act is not free from criticism.

    Naturally, I allow anyone, approached on the topic, to openly repent for their past mistake.

    Whether they repent of their past mistake, or not, tells me how much they stand for, or against, prosperity and good leadership.   I look highly on repenting of past mistakes.

  7. jjf

    I believe it’s true. I can’t reveal my source. If you’d like to verify, well, I bet someone here has better connections than I do.

    But that’s the kind of thing Walker would do. Investigate your family tree, check against the recall petitions, and call you on the carpet.

  8. Kevin Scheunemann

    So does this mean you will not repent for signing recall petition?

  9. Le Roi du Nord

    I think it is safe to say jjf won’t be repenting for signing the recall, nor should anyone ask him to.  That is his right as a voter in this state to do so.  Any infringement to that right is probably illegal.

  10. jjf

    I can see you’re trying to be funny, but your statement contains its own contradictions.  If people can change their mind, then the validity of the recall petitions should diminish over time, no?  Which was my point in the first comment.

    You’re also making a recall signature sound like a religious decision, which doesn’t surprise me. People had all sorts of reasons for signing, as we saw described in the media at the time.

    There were even Republicans who signed because they could see that a large part of the population were unhappy and they thought they should have a chance to hold a recall election.

  11. Kevin Scheunemann

    The point is: you want to run as a Republican…you reject everything Conservative, by not repenting of signing recall petition.

    Those that signed it and are proud, run as a Democrat. No one can be a proud Republican and stick with the mistake of signing recall.

    Leave dumb decisions on Democrat side.

  12. jjf

    So voting for Foxconn doesn’t stain a WisGOP legislator, but a citizen signing a recall petition stays with them forever?

  13. Kevin Scheunemann


  14. NHolland

    Mr. Scheunemann,
    There was a time when you denounced everything liberal and conservative… Weren’t you president of the Libertarian Party in your county? Have you repented? Are you now a card carrying member of the Republican Party? And why exactly did you get thrown out of the Libertarian Party?

  15. NHolland

    … Speaking of “Fake” Republicans!

  16. Kevin Scheunemann

    Not a card carrying Republican.

    I am a technical life member of WI LP if it makes any difference to you.

    I have not attended LP functions in 15 years because it is a debating society. That can be done online now.

    LP really screwed up their presidential opportunity in 2016 with the idiot they ran.

    I’m not a purist Libertarian, but would consider myself part of Libertarian wing of Republican Party.

    What did you want me to repent for? Advocating freedom, God, Country, and our constitution?

    It will be a cold day in hell before I repent of that.

  17. NHolland

    You are so full of beans… You voted Trump. A guy that represents nothing but himself. Every Libertarian I know would be completely insulted by you asserting there is a LP wing of the GOP. Really, really… Is that wing right next to the Tea Party wing, the religious right wing, the Reagan wing or the latest addition Trump wing? I’m pretty sure I left out dozens of other Republican wings. You don’t advocate any of that. You push whatever needs to be pushed to try and prove your point or win the argument. As I said on the other thread… It seems author and contributor are pushing more then opinions!

  18. Kevin Scheunemann


    I’ve long maintained I choked out a vote for Trump 2016. It was more like a vote to save the country from evil incarnate: Hillary Clinton.

    Mission accomplished. This country would have immensely suffered under a Hillary administration.

    Since the election, I have been very surprised by Trump’s conservative accomplishments. Has he had missteps? sure. However, his incredible accomplishments would make Reagan blush.

    So I have moved from reluctant to solid Trump voter in 2020.

    As much as I appreciate you trying to articulate my motives, I’ll articulate my own motives thank you.

  19. NHolland

    Well aren’t you the little hero saving us all from evil incarnate. Your dramatics are entertaining… Well if wanting to hang myself with a Kate Spade purse or choke on a Bourdain sandwich from the boredom you continuously thrust upon us. Screw Hillary… But speculating about her is your failure. And please inform us all of these great accomplishments that would make Reagan blush. Economy? It’s based on market success and we all know how fragile that is. Low unemployment rate? If you call people having to work three part time jobs with no benefits a success. What, when, where? Trump is a complete moron, a pathological liar, international/foreign affairs nightmare, a bigot, an adulterer, etc. etc. And NO it’s not the left wing media. I have eyes and ears… I see and hear what the orange orangutan says. As a self proclaimed hero, savior and advocate for freedom, GOD, Country and Constitution you of all people should be most offended by the things he says and does. I know my God and yours would not approve of this behavior from anyone. To look past all he says and does based on weak success is pathetic. Scheunemann, no true conservative or God fearing man would ever endorse such a man.

  20. Kevin Scheunemann

    When it comes to “God Fearing” let’s take a look at 2 out of 3 last presidents we had——

    1.) Bill Clinton….do I need to elaborate? However, he did sign the very CHRISTIAN defense of marriage act. I cheered that.

    2.) Obama’s….he was solid on marriage for God’s design going into his administration. One of few things I cheered him on. Then he threw hi Christianity completely out the window and unleashed the immoral tidal wave under his administration. Obama did more damage to Christians, Christian Doctrine, and Christian living in this nation than the personal idiocy of Trump or Clinton.

    Yes, presidents are not perfect. It is about forwarding good policy, not electing a perfect priest….as Democrats demonstrate in spades.

  21. Le Roi du Nord

    Could you be more specific?  You are talking some big generalities that describe a large portion of the citizenry.

  22. Kevin Scheunemann


    Obama’s embrace of gay marriage and other immoralities that come with that movement.

  23. NHolland

    Hold on there hero… I never asked you to lay out the sins of Democrats nor do I come to their defense. In typical Scheunemann fashion you fail to present any evidence of your claims of Trumps success… You know, those accomplishments that would make Reagan blush. So, what good policy is Trump forwarding? Please enlighten me… Wait, you can’t! Any nonsense you throw at me I’m going to destroy with facts. Take the challenge… I dare you!

  24. Le Roi du Nord

    Wall on the border—   Nope

    Repeal and replace the ACA—-   Nope

    Drain the Swamp—-   Nope (see Pruitt et al)

    Tax Cut—   Well sorta.  Us citizen tax payers get the temporary one

    Hire the best and brightest—   Nope

    Biggest Crowd Ever!—   Not even close

    3000 lies and counting—   Yup


  25. Kevin Scheunemann


    I go by myraid of things he has got done!

    Some of things you list, he is still working on.   You say he is not draining the swamp…he is working toward it.   Not perfect, but it is being drained.

    The Wall is like number 50 on my list of importance.   If you think that sways me in the slightest, you are wrong.

  26. NHolland

    Oh please… They list every damn thing. Trump passed a kidney stone, Trump walked a dog, Ivanka walked a dog, Trump banged a porn star, Melania had surgery. It’s endless nonsense. Clearly a site created to try and defend the indefensible. Give me the same year “Magapill” had to compile this load of crap and I will destroy it with fact. Seriously you buy into a site that can’t even spell “mega”. Really, really… Just read this garbage. Giving credit where no credit is do is once again a true Scheunemann move. Hell, this bogus site already gives Trump credit for negotiating peace between North and South Korea. Kind of jumping the gun don’t ya think. I will take some time tomorrow to discredit some of this and that’s all it’s takes… Disprove some and discredit the site. Obviously not going to waste my time. Just as you didn’t waste yours. You googled and found this trash site in a matter of seconds. Not a Scheunemann first!

  27. Kevin Scheunemann


    A lot of bitterness in your comment.

    Are you upset Trump is winning on a ton of things?

    America is winning.

  28. NHolland

    Scheunemann you way overestimate the amount of fucks I give about Trump or you.
    Let me start with the first two claimed successes listed on your champion of sites:
    -moving U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem. This has no real benefit to the U.S. However, it has costs us tens of millions, weakened Middle East peace efforts and was cause for the deaths of over a hundred and injuries to hundreds. Surprised a self proclaimed advocate of God thinks supporting the deaths of people is success.
    -Trump negotiates peace between North and South Korea. The freaking summit hasn’t even happened yet and in Trumps own words “it’s more of a meet and greet”.
    So, right off the bat it’s looking like this site is based more on rhetoric then fact.
    Next, the majority of the “Trump success” listed has nothing to do with Trump…
    Proposals, Senate actions, House actions, NASA actions, announcements, laying out plans, statements, calls for action, unfulfilled orders, charges, CEO confidence, listing any of the previously mentioned things multiple times in different sections etc, etc, is far from success… It’s a stretch! I suggest next time you google, which you have done this same thing before, you actually read the bullshit you post.
    And as much as I appreciate you trying to psychoanalyze my comment, let me make one thing clear… My bitterness is only overshadowed by my hate for fake Republicans and fake Christians.
    Now, without the use of some bloated website you googled can YOU actually name a Trump success?

  29. NHolland

    In anticipation of your typical preaching about the use of profanity and yes you have given that lecture to many on B&S… There’s this…

  30. Kevin Scheunemann

    Trump uses profanity.

    Do I wish he didn’t? Of course.

    However, we are electing a political leader, not a Pastor.

    The Jerusalem embassy move was approved by the previous 4 presidents, only Trump had courage to carry it out.

    I could care less about that move. However, I do like it because Islamic terrorists hate it. If you are into appeasing evil, I guess you hate the Jerusalem move.

  31. dad29

    Trump is a complete moron, a pathological liar, international/foreign affairs nightmare, a bigot, an adulterer, etc. etc.

    Happens to describe Hillary exceptionally well.  Maybe you got confused, so I’ll give you a chance to fix that error…..

  32. Mark Hoefert

    Seriously you buy into a site that can’t even spell “mega”

    Last time I checked,  the spelling of “America” started with “A”, not “E”.




  33. Mark Hoefert


    Seriously you buy into a site that can’t even spell “mega”  (from NH comment above)

    Last time I checked,  the spelling of “America” started with “A”, not “E”.


  34. Paul

    The white nationalist troll and sock puppet seem angry. Perhaps a Kate Spade scarf for it will make things better.

  35. NHolland

    I find it cute how all the boys line up to defend Scheunemann… I can feel the homosexual love!
    I will take this in order-
    Scheunemann-blah blah blah!
    dad29-nice try but I’m not a Hillary fan… Never thought of her as a bigot or an adulterer. So, NO not confused but am willing to add you to the moron list!
    Mark H-When you have nothing intelligent to say point out the typos! What a stretch!
    Paul-Always a fucking idiot!

  36. Paul

    You seem angry. Just like Bourdain.

  37. NHolland

    Hey Paul, have you ever had an original thought? Really, Spade and Bourdain… How about the sock puppet thing coming from a guy who uses the character from a series, not even the actual actor, as his profile pic. So, okay “Paul” for as long as you have been posting your insults and threats have you ever added an intelligent opinion?… NO you haven’t. You are the troll and the sock puppet but that’s not something I needed to point out. That’s the role you were created to fill… Or are you the authors alter ego? Anyway, who gives a shit! You are a scum bag either way!

  38. dad29

    am willing to add you to the moron list!

    Oh boy!  Can’t wait!

    And……..don’t really give a flying damn, either.

  39. Paul

    Take a walk.

    Maybe Owen can help you with that.

  40. NHolland

    Blah blah blah blah blah…
    You two can do better then that…. Oh boy, Take a walk, don’t really give a flying damn…
    I can picture the tears rolling as you crawled to your mothers. Still not an intelligent offering. “Paul” plays the role of the little pit bull while “dad29” hides his public position from all so that he can use words like “damn”. How brave of you both. Do you actually have anything to offer about “fake Republicans”? It’s my position it’s hard to stand in judgement when supporting the biggest “fake” of them all… Trump. But NO, neither of you have said anything related to the thread. You both just trolled it adding inflammatory rhetoric to an already sad debate. Owen should consider banning the both of you. He won’t. He only applies his “policies” to those liberals who point out the hypocrisies of this jaded site. Hell, rumor is Owen has created his own sock puppets and attacked contributors with insults and threats in an effort to scare them off. He mentioned this tactic to a mutual friend. Oops… Puppets out of the sock drawer. Grown men hiding behind false personas… Cowards!

  41. Paul

    Nobody cares.

  42. NHolland

    Actually, people do care. People care about intelligent debate, educated opinions and forums free from Internet bully’s. You “Paul” are a bully, a troll and a sad excuse for a contributor. See, I revisit this site periodically hoping the idiots like you and others who simply attack the opinions of others have become bored and moved on. There was a time when B&S was a respected forum welcoming all points of view. Now, it more closely resembles a Trump administration staff meeting… Thanks to assholes like you. Your right, nobody cares! Nobody cares about miserable old cock suckers like you or your same ole broken down insults. Why don’t you do us all a favor in the name of honest debate and YOU take a walk!

  43. Mark Hoefert

    What NHolland said at 2:30 PM 6/10:  Mark H-When you have nothing intelligent to say point out the typos! What a stretch!

    What NHolland said at 9:24 PM 6/9: Seriously you buy into a site that can’t even spell “mega”.

    Looks like you were the one pointing out typos.  I was only pointing out your stupidity in erroneously saying that “MAGA” was misspelled (or a “typo” as you called it).




    ously you buy into a site that can’t even spell “mega”




  44. Paul

    Don’t worry, Mark. That aspie will be on a 5150 hold in a few hours.

  45. Jason

    NHolland says:  June 9, 2018 at 3:24 pm:  “Well if wanting to hang myself with a Kate Spade purse or choke on a Bourdain sandwich from the boredom you continuously thrust upon us.”


    NHolland says: June 10, 2018 at 3:41 pm: “Hey Paul, have you ever had an original thought? Really, Spade and Bourdain… ”


    So, just to get the rules straight here….   NHollandaise thinks it’s ok to use Kate Spade or Bourdain on Saturday afternoon in an ad-hominen attack, but it’s not cool to do it on Sunday afternoon.  Yet another big mouth blog troll is on the loose folks, avoid at all costs.   I hope the basement dwelling SJW decides to take leave of this shitty site soon, and this time decides not to come back.


  46. NHolland

    Congratulations… Two more pathetic attempts. “aspie”?… “5150 hold” so fucking sad and pathetic but hey at least your trying! Now try really hard and focus on the title of the thread, think really really hard and try to contribute.
    Dates and times and typos oh my!
    Are you two a couple? You two should seriously consider who’s the bender and who’s the thruster… Seems your stepping on each other’s toes.
    And what the hell kind of name is Hoefart?… Not sure but it certainly says a lot about your background and upbringing!

  47. NHolland

    Jason you are as pathetic as them… That was my whole point. I already used it therefore not an original thought! Please try to keep up.

  48. Jason

    So those are the rules of today’s leftist SJW?  Tell everyone how they don’t “Care” about anything said, and then go on rant after rant lacking grammar and punctuation…  lets not forget continously refreshing the page to read the latest replies and formulate witty retorts.

    How is your goal of fixing the internet going?  Probably a pretty thankless job… similar to Average Joe of the North spending his time taking Kevin to task on typos…. while making them himself in a bitch slap of irony.

  49. NHolland

    Jason, bend over and grab your ankles because at this rate your fucking yourself more then I could possibly do. Your an idiot!

  50. Paul




  51. NHolland

    So entertani… You fools bite on everything!… “aspie”!

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