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0746, 26 Apr 18

Wisconsin DOJ Doles Out School Safety Grants

Get your free money here! I hate this election year handout of the taxpayers’ money.

Wisconsin schools could complete safety upgrades by the time students return in the fall under a grant program launched this week by the state Department of Justice.

Public and private K-12 schools throughout the state have until June 8 to apply to receive grants from a $100 million school safety fund, to be used for building upgrades or staff training.

“We owe our children and our communities the promise of safe school environments,” said Attorney General Brad Schimel during a news conference on Wednesday at St. Dennis Catholic School in Madison.

To be eligible for funding, schools must develop a plan with local law enforcement. Schools must also give all full-time teachers, aides, counselors and administrators at least three hours of combined training in adverse childhood experiences (ACE) and trauma-informed care/trauma-sensitive schools (TIC/TSS) by the end of the 2018-19 school year if they have not already done so.

Applications will be considered in two categories: primary upgrades, to ensure all schools meet a security baseline set by the state, and advanced upgrades to build on existing measures.

DOJ officials estimate about $30 million of the grant pool will go toward primary measures such as installing classroom door locks and shatterproof glass.

If local school districts haven’t been taking reasonable actions for school safety with the billions of dollars that taxpayers already give them every year, then I would suggest that their priorities are hopelessly flawed. Having districts make up new “safety” projects just to get a state handout is just waste compounding waste.


0746, 26 April 2018


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