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0704, 19 Apr 18

Liberal Talk Show Host Enters Race

The clown car of a Democratic primary is overflowing!

MADISON – Liberal broadcaster Mike Crute announced a run for governor Tuesday, becoming the latest Democrat to join that crowded primary and seek to take on GOP Gov. Scott Walker.

Since 2012, Crute has been one half of the Devil’s Advocates radio show along with his friend Dominic Salvia, and in 2017 Crute purchased WRRD-AM (1510) in Waukesha and has been running it as a liberal talk radio station.

Crute said he is stepping into the race for governor after months of frustration watching other Democratic candidates.

A bid for governor could be a ratings boost for Crute’s radio business, but he said he believes his broadcast platform gives him at least a chance at beating the fragmented Democratic field.

Honestly, my first reaction to this story was, “huh… there’s liberal talk radio in Waukesha?” I suspect that was the hoped for reaction from Crute. This is great free advertising for his station.

And if he’s smart, his campaign slogan will be, “I am Crute.” I would love to see an entire interview where all he says is, “I am Crute.”


0704, 19 April 2018


  1. steveegg

    I doubt he’ll get the Hispanic vote – WRRD was ESPN Deportes before Crute bought it.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    “I am Crute”¬†might make him the most rational and articulate policy Democrat in the state.

  3. MHMaley

    I believe the Vice President has a radio show in Indianapolis prior to entering politics officially

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