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1445, 29 Mar 18

Dense Fog Advisory in Wisconsin DOT

Perhaps a stiff wind from the East wing of the capitol would clear that fog.

Access to objective data apparently will be even harder to come by when the issue resurfaces in the next legislative session.  Credit for that dubious development goes to Transportation Secretary Dave Ross. Email exchanges with his top deputy suggest that Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WIDOT) no longer will issue two valuable, long-standing reports on transportation revenue, debt, and spending.

One report, “Transportation Budget Trends,” provides a comprehensive historical overview of revenues and expenditures. A second document, “All Funds” and “State Funds”, is a two-page, line-item breakdown of the then-current biennial budget. Issuance of the reports dates at least to the late 1990s.

On February 27 I emailed Deputy Secretary Bob Seitz as follows: “Who should I contact to get a current copy of the attached reports?”

His March 1 response: “The ‘All Funds Report’ looks like it comes out of the biennial budget act. The latest version of that would be the budget act signed in September. The other document looks to be a budget-related piece. Those won’t be out until budget documents start coming out for the next budget process late in the year.”

This was unresponsive. The issuance of neither report is dependent on “the next budget process.”


1445, 29 March 2018


  1. billphoto

    I did not think Gov Walker could make a worse choice than Gottlieb but I’m beginning to wonder.

  2. Le Roi du Nord


    Just curious why you didn’t like Gottlieb?  Respected and experienced engineer, smart guy, not afraid to tell the truth, and a R legislator.  What is not to like?

  3. Kevin Scheunemann

    You guys are wrong on Dave Ross.

    He spoke at Mid Moraine meeting in Kewaskum on Wednesday.

    For first time ever, I have faith in a Madison agency.   Duey Strobel also talks highly of him.

    My attitude toward Dave Ross is:  What took Walker so long to get such a breathe of fresh air into the DOT?

    Walker should have appointed a Dave Ross sooner!

  4. billphoto

    In February, Sec. Ross told legislators that ongoing DOT projects had ballooned fromfrom $2.7 billion to $5.8 billion (blaming former Sec. Gottlieb)  and pledged to work to rebuild trust in WisDOT.  Now we are playing report, what report?

    I have long advocated for firing the lot and starting over instead of giving WisDOT more money.  Who do they think they are? WEAC?

  5. Le Roi du Nord

    So, who do you blame?  Remember, all the administration at every state agency have been walker appointees for going on 8 years.

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