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1446, 21 Mar 18

Dallet Panders to Fellow Liberal Activists

Is she running for Supreme Court Justice or Wisconsin Democratic Party Chair? Hard to tell.

MADISON – Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Rebecca Dallet told donors in California this week that San Francisco values are Wisconsin values and spoke of the need to defeat Republicans in 2018, according to leaked audio of the event.

“San Francisco, like, this is awesome, the people,” Dallet told the crowd, according to audio circulated by the Wisconsin Republican Party.

“I know that your values are our Wisconsin values that we’ve lost along the way.”

Dallet, a Milwaukee County judge, is running against Sauk County Circuit Judge Michael Screnock in the April 3 election. The winner will replace Justice Michael Gableman, who is part of the high court’s conservative 5-2 majority.


Dallet also talked about the opportunity to defeat Wisconsin’s top two Republicans, Gov. Scott Walker and Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan of Janesville.

“Our governor is potentially someone we can unseat,” Dallet said.


1446, 21 March 2018


  1. Jason

    What a turd.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    Awful. Just awful.

    Frisco “values” are godless and anti-American.

  3. MjM

    … not to mention a hypocrite of the first order.

    I refuse to be intimidated by the flood of special-interest cash trying to buy this judicial seat. It’s time to restore independence to our state’s Supreme Court, and I intend to fight to make that a reality. ” – Rebecca Dallet, 20 Mar 2018

    Wonder if she wore flowers in her hair.

  4. MjM

    …oh, yeah, and this:   “Holder [Former Obama Attorney General, who was held in contempt of congress] heads the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, which is spending $140,000 on digital ads backing Dallet. He said his group will be monitoring the race over the next two weeks and said it was a “distinct possibility” that it would be spending more in support of Dallet.”


  5. Jason

    I wonder if her new friends in California know she’s racist?

  6. jjf

    Define “racist.”

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